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The poster boards are 86 cm wide by 150 cm tall.
The posters must be smaller than A0 size, in portrait mode.
The poster session will take place at the ground floor in the main building on Monday and Tuesday with drinks and snacks.
You can exhibit your poster any time until noon on Friday.
Poster List
[P01] Yusuke Fujimoto Simulation of giant molecular cloud formation in the barred galaxy M83 (NGC5236) using Enzo
[P02] Tetsuya Harada Vertical structure of irradiated protoplanetary disks
[P03] Andrew Hillier Simulations of the Formation of Prominence Knots through Magnetic Reconnection
[P04] Jun Koda Power spectra of cosmological velocity field
[P05] Yuki Kudo Three-dimensional Local Simulations of Disk Dynamo including Cosmic Rays
[P06] Naoki Nakamura MHD simulation of 3D aymmetric component magnetic reconnection
[P07] Keisuke Nishida The role of plamoids in solar flares
[P08] Takahumi Ono Global Three-dimensional Magneto-hydrodynamic Simulations of Cooling Instability in Black Hole Accretion Disks
[P09] Hiroyuki Suzuki The impact of background and internal UV radiation on the galaxy formation
[P10] Hiroyuki Takahashi Magnetic Reconnections in High Energy Plasmas
[P11] Shinsuke Takasao Acceleration mechanism of the jets associated with the emerging flux on the Sun
[P12] Daisuke Yamasawa Cosmic Star Formation Rate of Population III Stars