Understanding and prediction of large-scale patterns of massive elements and components comprising a system

The Origin of Life / Evolution of Mind / The Inspirational Moment of a New Theory / Self-organization of a Social Structure / Pandemic / Collapse of a Bubble Economy / Interaction of Living Organisms / Information Network / Dynamics of Life’s Evolution / Superconductivity / Information Theory of a Micro-world, etc.


What is "Advanced Future Studies" ?

The International Research Unit of Advanced Future Studies was established on July 28, 2015 in collaboration of 12 (now 15) Kyoto University research organizations based on the New Integrated Creative Sciences Project (NICS Project; Project Leader: Masatoshi Murase) research activities (FY 2013-2014), and is operated by the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP). Its vision is to drive intellectual adventures of multi-discipline integration for paradigm shifts in exploration of universal laws and emerging principles governing the living organisms, materials, mind, human societies, education and economics, and to guide our future. IRU-AFS leverages its international research networks with many global guest faculties to promote its original research in collaboration with the International Research Unit of Integrated Complex System Science (IRU-ICSS) and the Unit of Synergetic Studies for Space (USSS).

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Participating departments and sections

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