Overview / Purposes


IRU-AFS aims at paradigm shifts that explore universal laws and emergent principles governing the living organisms, materials, mind, human societies, education and economy and guides our future through interdisciplinary studies.
The first step is to challenge the fundamental assumption “The description of the world has to be objective,” which is in a one-directional descriptive format, and to stand on a view, “humans create sciences and cultures that impact humans.”
This type of bi-directional “creative disruptions” exist widely in issues of macro-worlds, such as economy, human society, and psychology, as well as of a micro-world like quantum physics, and confuse scientists and attract them at the same time.
IRU-AFS challenges the questions in these unprecedented areas and science frontiers leveraging its academic, global, and personal networks.


Living organisms, materials, mind, human societies, education, and economy are all systems in a different hierarchical layer. In our research projects, these entities are viewed as dynamic processes.
Regardless of the layer in the hierarchy, when a result of a process affects the process itself, a large-scale pattern, which is substantially larger than the scale of elements that construct the system, suddenly emerges.
“Creative Disruption” includes the origin of life, evolution of mind, the inception of a new theory, self-organization of a social structure, collapse of a pandemic or a bubble economy, super conductivity, or quantum information theory.
IRU-AFS explores creative phenomena observed in systems in different hierarchical layers with intelligence and insight of humanities, social and natural sciences to seek the universal principles behind the systems as well as specific principles and laws unique to each system.
These processes will lead to creation of new disciplines; that is the value of the Advanced Future Studies.