YITP long-term workshop

Gravity and Cosmology 2018

January 29 - March 9, 2018
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University

Overview of this workshop

Cosmology has rapidly developed based on precision observational data. At present, the parameters in the standard cosmological model are being determined with good precision. However, physics behind the values of the parameters is still hidden in a veil of mystery. For example, we do not know what dark energy and dark matter are. While the scenario of cosmic inflation is widely accepted, the detail mechanism responsible for inflation is not known. We need to continue tackling the mysteries of the universe by using every possible means such as general relativity, statistical physics, particle physics and superstring theory.

Advanced LIGO has made the first observation of gravitational waves in 2015. In Japan, KAGRA is going to start its physics run around 2018. These gravitational wave telescopes will receive 10 - 1000 events per year from compact star mergers if these facilities achieve the expected performance. At the dawn of this gravitational wave astronomy and gravitational wave physics, innovative progress in foundation of physics is anticipated with new information to be available, which includes the birth of black hole and the test of the general relativity under the strong gravitational field. Furthermore, the observations of the gravitational waves from the astrophysical objects will eventually lead to the direct observation of the primordial gravitational waves from the inflation era. The gravitational waves will play the key roles for further development of cosmology.

Under the circumstances mentioned above, we believe that it is timely to have comprehensive but intensive discussion on the rapidly expanding frontiers of physics of gravity and cosmology, and hold "Gravity and Cosmology 2018", as a successor of the three long-term workshops held under the same title in the past (2007, 2010 and 2012).

During the workshop, participants stay at YITP with desks and other facilities. They can take ample time for discussions with other participants in a relaxed atmosphere of Kyoto.

In the 4th week, we hold a symposium, Yukawa International Seminar 2018 (YKIS 2018a) titled "General Relativity - The Next Generation -".