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  • You can search KULINE for books and periodicals are available in YITP Library. Please check “Library”, “Location” and “Call No.” of the KULINE search results. Please note that YUKAWA Library is equal to YITP Library. When you search for the materials in the YITP Library, you need to select “YUKAWA” Library on the “Advanced Search” screen.
  • Please put your bags into a locker in front of the circulation desk before entering the reading room and the stacks.

Open hours

  • Open hours: weekdays, 9 am-12 am, 1 pm-5 pm
  • Closed days: Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, the last day of each month, summer holidays, winter holidays and June 18th(University’s Anniversary).
  • YITP members and visitors can always enter the Library using a card key even when the Library is closed.

Books borrowing, copying

  • Books can be checked out at the circulation desk. Please be sure to return them by the due date.
  • Basically, periodicals may not be borrowed. YITP members and visitors can copy them in the YITP library. Same day loans are allowed. In that case, they must be returned until 5 pm of the same day.
Necessary documents Books borrowing limits / Loan period
Copying in the  YITP library
YITP members and visitors
No limit / 1 month Available
Participants of seminars are held at YITP
ID card
No limit / during the seminar Available

*Please let the staff know before using a copy machine.

Kyoto University members (except YITP members)
ID card of Kyoto University / Kyoto University Library card No limit / 2 weeks

*You can renew them one time for 1 week starting from the renewed date.

Basically not available.

An application form「京都大学文献複写利用書」is required.

Holders of an Etsuranhyo(閲覧票) of YITP library
閲覧票 Etsuranhyo
No limit / 2 weeks

*You can renew them one time for 1 week starting from the renewed date.

Not available
Other than those above, non-Kyoto University members, alumni ID card Must be returned until 5 pm of the same day Not available