There are some ways to use your personal research grant for purchasing materials, as follows.
Basically, YITP Library is in charge of your purchase books and journals via your research grant (A purchase via your KAKENHI is also accepted at the accounting section of YITP).
Please note that Japanese financial year end is March.

Ordering through YITP library

Please inform the library staff of the book information (title, publisher, ISBN …) by e-mail. In particular, please specify of [budget] [edition] [hardback/paperback] etc.

Purchasing at Coop shops

You may purchase materials at coop shops. Please inform the bookshop staff the budget type and show your ID card of Kyoto University. Please show the materials and submit the invoice to the library staff upon purchase.

Cash or credit card

For purchases totalling less than 100,000 yen, you may use cash or credit card to buy materials from online shops or other bookshops. Please show the materials and submit the dated invoice to the library staff within 1 weeks of the purchase. When you use amazon com., please note that you’re required the enclosures/address label in addition to these. In case your purchase is made in foreign currency using a credit card, please submit the credit card statement when it is issued. The expenses will be reimbursed to you by bank transfer in due course.