Yukawa Memorial Room
YITP preserves the former director’s office used by Hideki Yukawa as “Yukawa Memorial Room” in order to let his research life imagined and to remember his great achievement.

Regular exhibition “Hideki Yukawa and his favorite books : Origins of a Nobel prize physicist”
The Yukawa Memorial Room possess a number of Yukawa’s favorite books that he read in his early childhood through later years. And in his autobiography and essay, he told many things about his relation with books such as when he came across the books and what he thought through reading them.
We display both his collection and mention of books, hoping you feel close relationship between reading and mentality formation of physicist Hideki Yukawa.

Reservations are required for tours.
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The library is not the contact point for Yukawa Memorial Hall tours.
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List of Books in the Yukawa Memorial Room
This is a list of more than 3,000 books collected and exhibited in the Yukawa Memorial Room. (pdf file 1.06MB)

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