Poster Session

P01 Cancelled
P02 Cancelled
P03 Thomas Joseph Fogarty (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University)
"Improving the performance of a nonlinear Feshbach engine using shortcuts to adiabaticity"
P04 Ryusuke Hamazaki (Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo)
"Atypicality of most few-body observables"
P05 Kaoru Yamamoto (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)
"Efficiency bounds on quantum thermoelectric heat engine with broken time-reversal symmetry: the role of inelastic processes"
P06 Toru Yoshizawa (Department of Applied physics, the University of Tokyo)
"Large deviation analysis of eigenstate thermalization hypothesis"
P07 Yasushi Kondo (Physics Department, Kindai University)
"Relaxations in few-body systems "
P08 Shoichi Ichinose (University of Shizuoka)
"Geometrical Approach to Dissipative Systems and Step-Flow Method"
P09 Eiki Iyoda (Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo)
"Scrambling of quantum information in quantum many-body systems"
P10 Naoto Shiraishi (Department of physics, Keio university)
"Analytic quantum model emulating classical chaotic system"
P11 Ken Funo (School of Physics, Peking University )
"Quantum-classical correspondence of work and heat in an open system"
P12 Joanna Pietraszewicz (Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland)
"A continuum of c-field ensembles from canonical to grand canonical and the onset of their equivalence"
P13 Tatsuhiko Shirai (The Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo)
"Floquet-Gibbs state in open quantum systems"
P14 Eriko Kaminishi (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)
"Entanglement prethermalization in coherently split one-dimensional Bose gases"
P15 Shingo Kukita (Nagoya University)
"Perturbative Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems by Renormalization Group Method"
P16 Masahiro Hotta (Tohoku University)
"Entanglement beyond Page curves in black-hole evaporation qubit model"
P17 Cancelled
P18 Hiroyasu Tajima (Center for Emergent Matter Science, Riken)
"Trade-off relation in quantum work extraction: quantum coherence versus work precision"
P19 Yuto Murashita (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)
"Fluctuation theorems in feedback-controlled open quantum systems: quantum coherence and absolute irreversibility"
P20 Kosuke Ito (Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University)
"Fundamental speed limits of the work extraction from quantum systems"
P21 Yuya Nakagawa (Institute for Solid State Physics, the University of Tokyo)
"Flux quench in a system of interacting spinless fermions in one dimension"
P22 Masaya Kunimi (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)
"Lifetime of superflow of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a ring trap"
P23 Aki Tapio Kutvonen (The University of Tokyo)
"Machine Learning with quantum reservoir computing"
P24 Masahiro Hasegawa (The Institute for Solid State Physics, Tokyo University)
"Adiabatic charge pumping via Quantum dot system in coherent transport"
P25 Kazuya Fujimoto (University of Tokyo)
"Universal coarsening dynamics in a one-dimensional spin-1 spinor Bose gas"
P26 Hajime Moriya (Kanazawa University)
"Non-ergodic time evolution of some supersymmetric fermion lattice models"
P27 Masaki Tezuka (Department of Physics, Kyoto University)
"Stability of chaos in a generalized SYK model"
P28 Shimpei Goto (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)
"Dynamical cooling scheme for ultracold fermions in optical lattices"
P29 Yosuke Takasu (Graduate school of science, Kyoto University)
"Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Isolated Quantum Systems on Bose Hubbard model"
P30 Kyo Yoshida (Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
"Microscopic entropy for classical and quantum free field systems"
P31 Kazuma Nagao (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)
"Response of the Higgs amplitude mode of ultracold bosons in 3D optical lattices"
P32 Takashi Ishii (Graduate School of Science, Tokyo University)
"Heating in integrable time-periodic systems"
P33 Shigeo Hakkaku (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)
"Quantum heat conduction in terms of the Lindblad equation"
P34 Shiori Kajimoto (Department of Physics, Osaka University)
"Dynamical Dissociation of quarkonia by wave function decoherence"
P35 Hiroki Okada (Department of Physics Engineering, Mie University)
"Fluctuation of conversion efficiencies between charge, spin, and heat currents"
P36 Atushi Tanaka (Department of Physics, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
"Complete population inversion of Bose particles by an adiabatic cycle: an example of exotic quantum holonomy"
P37 Shohei Morodome (Department of Physics, Waseda University)
"Quantum Fluctuation Relation for Nonequilibrium Steady State: Analysis with an Exactly Solvable Model"
P38 Sota Kitamura (Max-Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems)
"Laser-induced spin chirality in periodically-driven Mott insulators"
P39 Hidekazu Tsukiji (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)
"Semiclassical approach to thermalization process in Yang-Mills field theory"
P40 Keita Shimizu (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
"Dynamical quantum phase transition in system of cold atoms"
P41 Tatsuhiko Ikeda (Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo)
"Entanglement prethermalization in an interaction quench between two harmonic oscillators"
P42 Satoshi Ishikawa (Department of Physics, Waseda University)
"Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis and Degeneracy of Hamiltonian"
P43 Cancelled
P44 Jun Takahashi (Department of Basic Science, University of Tokyo)
"Simulations of stoquastic quantum annealing with parallel tempering"
P45 Tomoya Yagami (Graduate school of science, Kyoto University)
"Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Isolated Quantum Systems on Fermi Hubbard model"
P46 Tomohiro Shitara (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)
"Perturbative expansion of excess work in nonequilibrium processes"
P47 Hiroki Majima (Department of Physics, General Education Division, Salesian Polytechnic)
"A microscopic expression of transition probabilities between thermal equilibrium states"
P48 Iori Hiki (Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Current fluctuations in multicomponent systems with periodic initial conditions"

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