YITP guest house "Kitashirakawa Gakusha":

A guest house for visitors to YITP and RIMS (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences) which is 5 min. from YITP. There is a common dining room equipped with a microwave, etc. WiFi connection is available. On the first day, you must check-in by 10:00 pm.

If you come from Kyoto station by bus, take the Kyoto City Bus No.5 and get off at "Kitashirakawa Bettocho" (it takes 50-60 min.; see the map below for the location of the bus stop). Some tips in using City Bus may be found here. (Other useful links are summarized in "public transportation".)

If you come by a taxi, please keep in mind that the driver may not know the guest house. So we recommend you to print out the following map and show it to the driver.

Map (PDF)
Hearton Hotel Kyoto: (WEB site)

A hotel located in the city center (Google Map). From Kyoto station, you can take subway "Karasuma Line" bound for "Kokusai Kaikan" and get off at "Karasuma Oike" (3rd station).

There are several ways to come to YITP. Please check Google Map for more details (we recommend you to use City Bus No.3 or 17). It takes about 30 min. to YITP.

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