The international molecular-type workshop "Exotic states of matter with SU(N) symmetry" aims at stimulating collaborations on physics of SU(N)-invariant condensed-matter systems by intensive discussions. To have sufficient time for discussion and collaborations, we have 1-2 talks a day and long afterrnoon breaks. Pedagogical review talks (short lectures) on field-theoretical (CFT, etc.) approaches and exact solutions by two theorists are also planned.


Here is the tentative program of the workshop. See "archive" for the titles (abstract) and the slides.

  • Most of the workshop activities will take place at "room K202 (or K102)" of the Yukawa Institute Research Building. See the calendar for more detail.
  • Each talk (except short ones) is allotted 90 minutes to encourage discussions.
  • A few review talks/short lectures to quickly survey the known results and the current status of the field.
  • In each week, we have a slot for the group discussion (something like round-table discussion).
  • We plan a few informal talks.
  • 1st week (July 4-8): "1D systems, fermion systems, etc."

  • 2nd week (July 11-15): "spin liquids, etc."


group discussions

In order to summarize what has been discussed during the week and clarify the points, we plan to have a group discussion in each week. Here is the detail:

(i) Date:
Round-table discussions:
  • July 8 (FRI), 14:00-15:30
  • July 13 (WED), 14:00-15:30
(ii) Place:
Room K102 (salon on the left of the entrance) of the YITP Resaearch Building. See "Floor Guide".
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