This page archives various records of the workshop NQS2014.

  • talks: Detailed program and the presentation files.
  • photo gallery: Pictures taken during the workshop.


Here are the titles of all the oral presentations. To view the presentation files (in PDF-format), click the link after the title.

(week-1) July 4-8:
SU(N) Hubbard models, SU(N) Kondo systems, Mott-insulating and superfluid phases, SU(N) spin chains, field-theory approaches, non-perturbative results, etc. Two pedagonical talks by Affleck (Jul.4) and Tsvelik (Jul.6).
(week-2) July 11-15:
chiral spin liquids, DMRG and other tensor-network-based methods for SU(N) systems, etc. One review talk on experimental aspects (by Takahashi) on Jul.12.

photo gallery

Group photos taken at mini-symposia and YKIS.

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