Message from YITP director

April 2017

Dear Colleagues;

We are happy to report that the five-year project sponsored by Japanese Ministry of Education, "Yukawa Internatinal Program of Quark-Hadron Sciences (YIPQS)", has been successfully completed. In these five years, we have held long-term staying-type workshops and conferences not only on quark-hadron sciences (quark-gluon plasma, hot and/or dense matter, chiral symmetry restoration, exotics hadrons and so on), but also on wider related subjects in particle physics beyond the standard model and string theory, cosmology and gravity, non-equilibrium physics and condensed matter physics.

Thanks to active discussions and efficient productivity achieved in these meetings, the government approved to make the fund for running these workshops a regular budget which no longer need special budget request from the academic year 2011. We would like to thank all the participants for their activities in these programs.

We will continue to hold long-term staying-type workshops and conferences, and invite leading international experts on the subjects to stay at Yukawa Institute for extended periods of time and also invite interested physicists to join our activities. The subjects covered would be in various fields in physics. Please take a look at announcemets of the programs to be held this year for the schedule and list of participants. We hope that you may be able to join some of these workshops.

Sinya Aoki,

Director, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics