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Workshops in 2017

Long-term workshops
Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter 2017, Oct.23-Nov.24, 2017 (YITP archive).
Gravity and Cosmology 2018, Jan.29-Mar.9, 2018 (YITP archive).
YKIS2018a:General Relativity -- The Next Generation --, Feb.19-Feb.23, 2018 (YITP archive).
International Molecule-type workshops
Strangeness and charm in hadrons and dense matter, May.15-May.26, 2017 (YITP archive).
Next-generation cosmology with large-scale structure: The CosKASI-ICG-NAOC-YITP joint workshop, Sep.4-Sep.15, 2017 (YITP archive).
Recent Development in Microstuctures of Black Holes, Nov.20-Dec.1,2017 (YITP archive).

Workshops in 2016

Long-term workshops
Quantum Information in String Theory and Many-body Systems, May.23-Jun.24, 2016 (YITP archive).
YKIS2016:Quantum Matter, Spacetime and Information, Jun.13-Jun.17, 2016 (YITP archive).
Nuclear Physics, Compact Stars, and Compact Star Mergers 2016, Oct.17-Nov.18, 2016 (YITP archive).
International Molecule-type workshops
Exotic states of matter with SU(N) symmetry -Realizing SU(N) symmetries in condensed matter, Jul.4-Jul.15, 2016 (YITP archive).
Realistic hadron interactions in QCD, Nov.21-Dec.2, 2016 (YITP archive).
Recent Progresses in Nuclear Structure Physics 2016 (NSP2016), Dec.5-Dec.23, 2016 (YITP archive).
Transient Universe in the Big Survey Era: Understanding the Nature of Astrophysical Explosive Phenomena, Jan.16-Jan.27,2017 (YITP archive).

Workshops in 2015

Long-term workshops
New Frontiers in Non-equilibrium Physics 2015, Jul.21-Aug.23, 2015 (YITP archive).
YKIS2015: New Frontiers in Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics 2015, Aug.17-Aug.19, 2015 (YITP archive).
Computational Advances in Nuclear and Hadron Physics, Sep.21-Oct.30, 2015 (YITP archive).
International Molecule-type workshops
Black Hole Information Loss Paradox, May 18-May 29, 2015 (YITP archive).
Vlasov‐Poisson : towards numerical methods without particles, Jun.1-Jun.12, 2015 (YITP archive).
Radiation Reaction in General Relativity, Jun.22-Jul.10, 2015 (YITP archive).
Selected topics in the physics of the Quark-Gluon Plasma and Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Collisions, Sep.7-Sep.26, 2015 (YITP archive).
Exotic hadrons from high energy collisions, Mar.23-Apr.6, 2016 (YITP archive).

Workshops in 2014

Long-term workshops
Holographic vistas on Gravity and Strings, May.11-Jul.18, 2014 (YITP archive).
Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter 2014 (NQS2014), Nov.4-Dec.5, 2014 (YITP archive).
YKIS2014: Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Novel Quantum States, Dec.3-Dec.5, 2014 (YITP archive).
Hadrons and Hadron Interactions in QCD 2015(HHIQCD2015), Feb.15-Mar.21, 2015 (YITP archive).
International Molecule-type workshops
Relativistic cosmology, Sep.8-Sep.19, 2014 (YITP archive).
Structure and reaction of light exotic nuclei, Jan.6-Jan.23, 2015 (YITP archive).
Frontiers of Statistical Mechanics : from Non-equilibriumFluctuations to Active Matter, Feb.4-Feb.17, 2015 (YITP archive).

Workshops in 2013

Long-term workshops
Gravitational Waves and Numerical Relativity, May.19-Jun.22, 2013 (YITP archive).
YKIS2013: Gravitational Waves, Jun.3-Jun.7, 2013 (YITP archive).
Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts 2013, Oct.14-Nov.15, 2013 (YITP archive).
New Frontiers in QCD 2013 --- Insight into QCD matter from heavy-ion collisions ---, Nov.18-Dec.20, 2013 (YITP archive).
International Molecule-type workshops
Local Enhancement of Superexchange Interaction in High-Temperature Superconductors, Apr.8-Apr.19, 2013 (YITP archive).
Physics of Granular Flows, Jun.23-Jul.6, 2013 (YITP archive).
The CMB and theories of the primordial universe, Aug.19-Sep.4, 2013 (YITP archive).
Modified gravity, Dec.5-Dec.20, 2013 (YITP archive).
New correlations in exotic nuclei and advances of theoretical models, Mar.10-Mar.23, 2014 (YITP archive).
Exotic structures of spacetime, Mar.10-Mar.21, 2014 (YITP archive).

Workshops in 2012

Long-term workshops.
Gauge/Gravity Duality, Sep.24-Oct.26, 2012 (YITP archive).
YKIS2012: From Gravity to Strong Coupling Physics, Oct.15-Oct.19, 2012 (YITP archive).
Gravity and Cosmology 2012, Nov.18-Dec.22, 2012(YITP archive).
International Molecule-type workshops
Theory of X-Ray Spectroscopy for Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Jun.15-Jun.29, 2012 (YITP archive).
Nonlinear massive gravity and its observational test, Jul.23-Aug.9, 2012 (YITP archive).
Nuclear equation of state and hypernuclear physics, Jan.4-Jan.31, 2013 (YITP archive).
Coexistence of weak and strong binding in unstable nuclei and its dynamics, Mar.4-Mar.22, 2013 (YITP archive).

Workshops in 2011

Workshops in 2010

Workshops in 2009

Workshops in 2008

Workshops in 2007

Long-term workshops
Scientific program on Gravity and Cosmology, Sep.3-Sep.28, 2007 (YITP archive).
YKIS2007:Interaction and Nanostructural Effects in Low-Dimensional Systems, Nov.5-30, 2007 (YITP archive).
is published: Prog. Theor. Phys. Suppl. No. 176
New Frontiers in QCD 2008: fundamental problems in hot and/or dense matter, Jan.28-Mar.21, 2008 (YITP archive).
is published: Prog. Theor. Phys. Suppl. No. 174
International Molecule-type workshops
・Towards the precise predictions of CP violation, Oct.20-Oct.27, 2007.
・Black holes in dense stellar system, Dec., 2007-Jan., 2008.