About "Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter 2014 (NQS2014)"

Since 2007, besides the usual domestic/international conferences, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP) has organized a few long-term workshops sponsored by the Yukawa International Program for Quark-hadron Sciences (YIPQS) every year. (Visit the YIPQS WEB page for the list of the past long-term workshops.) In 2011, YITP organized a 5-weeks workshop entitled "Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter 2011-- correlation, frustration and topology", which dealt with various hot topics in condensed-matter physics. The long-term workshop "Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter 2014 (NQS2014)" is, in a sense, the continuation of the one in 2011 and will be held at YITP on November 4-December 5, 2014. The NQS workshop is combined with the international symposium Yukawa International Seminar 2014 (YKIS2014) "Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Novel Quantum States" (December 3-5) focusing on recent developments in nonequilibrium physics (in correlated electron systems, cold atoms, etc.) and related fields.

As in the previous one, the workshop NQS2014 is devided into five parts according to the main topics discussed (see below). On the regular workshop days (Monday-Thursday of each week), we will have two or three seminar talks (two invited and one contributed) a day and on every Friday there will be mini-symposia consisting of six or seven 45min. talks. The last three days (December 3-5) are devoted to the symposium YKIS2014. We also plan the poster sessions somewhere in the workshop period. See below for more details (main topics, tentative schedule, list of invited speakers, etc.).

The workshop NQS2014 is sponsored by Yukawa International Program for Quark-Hadron Sciences (YIPQS) and partly by Yukawa Memorial Foundation.


The presentations in NQS2014 are mostly on theoretical ones, but important experimental work will also be featured, too. The main topics will include the followings:

(a). Correlation:
Mott transitions, charge/spin/orbital physics, Quantum criticality, Unconventional superconductors, Cold atoms, etc.
(b). Frustration:
Quantum spin liquids, Novel ordered states, Entanglement, etc.
(c). Topology:
Topological insulator, Spin Hall effect, Dirac systems, Topology and frustration, Topology and correlation, etc.
(d). Other related topics

Tentative schedule is as follows:

(A) November 4-7:
workshop on frustrated systems with a one-day symposium on November 7.
(B) November 10-14:
workshop on frustration/topology with a one-day symposium on November 14.
(C) November 17-21:
workshop on strong correlation/topology with a one-day symposium on November 21.
(D) November 24-28:
workshop on strong correlation/superconductivity with a one-day symposium on November 28.
(E) December 1-2: (December 3-5: YKIS2014)
workshop on cold atom/nonequilibrium physics.


The NQS2014 aims at providing a forum for the novel quantum states in condensed matter with particular emphasis on correlation, frustration and topology. The interaction of physicists working in these fields will stimulate others, and may give new inspiration for further development. Each participant in NQS2014 will stay at the Yukawa Institute during the workshop and will be able to use a personal desk and other institutional facilities. They can take ample time for discussions with other participants in the comfortable climate of November-December in Kyoto.


The workshops will be held at:

Panasonic International Auditorium of Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP)
Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan
Phone: +81-75-753-7008
Fax: +81-75-753-7010

YITP is located in "North Campus" of Kyoto University (Campus Map). See also "information" in "For Participants" page for detailed maps.
For more details about YITP, visit YITP homepage.

organizing committee

Hikaru Kawamura (Osaka, Chair)

Leon Balents (KITP)

Ippei Danshita (YITP)

Norio Kawakami (Kyoto)

Yoshio Kuramoto (Tohoku)

Frederic Mila (EPFL)

Naoto Nagaosa (Tokyo)

Masao Ogata (Tokyo)

Takami Tohyama (Tokyo)

Keisuke Totsuka (YITP)

Hirokazu Tsunetsugu (ISSP)

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