The NQS2014 aims at providing a forum for the novel quantum states in condensed matter with particular emphasis on correlation, frustration and topology. The interaction of physicists working in these fields will stimulate others, and may give new inspiration for further development. Each participant in NQS2014 can stay at the Yukawa Institute during the workshop with an individual office. They can take ample time for discussions with other participants in the comfortable climate of November-December in Kyoto.



Here is the tentative program of the week. (*: to be confirmed) More details (title and abstract) will appear soon.

  • The workshop will be held in "Panasonic International Auditorium" of the Yukawa Memorial Hall.
  • The typical schedule of the regular workshop days is as follows:
    • morning session: 10:00 am-12:30 (two seminars)
    • afternoon session: 14:30 pm-15:00 (one short talk)
    except on Tuesday (Wednesday in WS-A) where poster sessions are scheduled in the afternoon.
  • The mini-symposium on each Friday starts at 9:30 am.
  • Poster preview session (about 3-4 min. for each) before the poster sessions (15:00-17:00).
  • For the titles and abstracts, see archive page.
  • WS-A (Nov. 4-7): "frustrated systems"

  • WS-B (Nov. 10-14): "frustration/topology"

  • WS-C (Nov. 17-21): "strong correlation/topology"

  • WS-D (Nov. 24-28): "strong correlation/superconductivity"

  • WS-E (Dec. 1-2): "cold atom/nonequilibrium"


    YKIS2014 (Dec. 3-5)


Program in PDF-format

poster sessions

Here is the detail of the poster presentations.

(i) Date:
Poster sessions are scheduled on
  • WS-A: Nov.5 (WED), 15:00-17:00
  • WS-B: Nov.11 (TUE), 15:00-17:00
  • WS-C: Nov.18 (TUE), 15:00-17:00
  • WS-D: Nov.25 (TUE), 15:00-17:00
  • WS-E/YKIS2014: Dec.4 (THU), 16:00-18:00
Please put up your poster on Monday of the week and remove it on Friday.
(ii) Place:
Room Y206 of the Yukawa Memorial Hall (in which the workshop will be held). See "Floor Guide".
(iii) Poster preview:
For WS-A-D, we also plan a poster preview (30-60min.) before each poster session where you can give a quick summary (3-4 min for each) of your poster at the preview session. Please prepare your preview slides in a PDF format.
(iv) Preparing your poster:
The size of the poster board is: W 87cm * H 152cm. Use the board on which your poster number (see "Abstracts" below for the number) is shown. Magnets will be available to fix the posters. Your poster should be removed by 18:00 of the Friday of each week. Please do not forget to prepare the PDF-file for the poster preview.
(v) Abstracts: (html)
  1. WS-A: Furuya, Y. Kubo, Marmorini, Shimokawa(2), Tonegawa, Yamada
  2. WS-B: Akagi, Fuji, Kao, Lajkó, Nakai, Okabayashi, Ueda, Ohta, Tanimoto
  3. WS-C: Fukuda, Kitamura, K. Kubo, Matsuno, Mizoguchi, Okuma, Shinjo, Shiozaki, Sumiyoshi, Takashima, Yoshida
  4. WS-D: Kitatani, Nie, Takayoshi, Takemori
  5. WS-E/YKIS2014: Balasubramanian, Hashimoto, Ichinose, Kuwahara, Lenarcic, F. Matsuda, Y. Murakami, M. Nakagawa, Y. Nakagawa, Ozaki, Sakaida, Strand, Suga, Suzuki, Yoon, Yuge, Yamada
For more detail of each poster, check the section "posters" in "archive".


We plan a (mini) banquet in each week.

mini-banquet of WS-A
November 7 (FRI), 18:00--, at salon of Yukawa Memorial Hall (next to the auditorium)
mini-banquet of WS-B
November 14 (FRI), 18:00--, at university cafeteria "Camphora" (close to the clock tower campus map)
mini-banquet of WS-C
November 21 (FRI), 18:00--, at "Rakuyu Kaikan" (campus map). Banquet fee 2500JPY.
mini-banquet of WS-D
November 28 (FRI), 18:00--, at "Shiran Kaiakn" (campus map, Google Map). Banquet fee 3000JPY.
banquet of WS-E/YKIS
December 4 (THU), 18:00--, at the dining room (2nd floor) of the student cafeteria "Hokuto" (campus map). Banquet fee 3000JPY.
If you would like to attend the banquet on Dec.4, please email with the subject line "banquet YKIS YOUR_FAMILY_NAME".
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