Information for Participants

We summarize here several important information about the stay at YITP and your presentation (oral/poster). If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.


Useful/important information concerning your presentation.

(i) LCD projector and PC:
An LCD projector is available at the auditorium. If you want to use other methods (e.g. an overhead camera), please contact the organizers in advance. If you do not bring your own laptop for your presentation, please contact us in advance so that we can lend a common laptop.
(ii) Poster board:
Poster boards will be ready at room Y206 of the Yukawa Memorial Hall (see "Floor Guide"). The size of the board is: H 152cm(H) *87cm(W). To put up your poster, you can use magnets available at the poster room. The posters should be removed by the evening of each Friday so that the presenters of the next week can use the boards.
(iii) Poster preview:
We kindly ask the poster presenters of each week to give a brief summary (3-4 min.) of the posters in the poster preview session in the Monday afternoon. Please prepare your presentation file in PDF format and give it to us by the lunch break of the Tuesday of each week (Wednesday of WS-A).
(iv) Your presentation file:
The proceedings of the NQS2014/YKIS2014 will not be published. Instead, we will archive in the workshop WEB page the presentation files (slides) of the speakers (usually in the PDF format) as well as the PDF files used in the poster preview. Please give us your presentation file after the talk/presentation. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.


We plan a (mini) banquet in each week.

mini-banquet of WS-A
November 7 (FRI), 18:00--, at salon of Yukawa Memorial Hall (next to the auditorium)
mini-banquet of WS-B
November 14 (FRI), 18:00--, at university cafeteria "Camphora" (close to the clock tower campus map)
mini-banquet of WS-C
November 21 (FRI), 18:00--, at "Rakuyu Kaikan" (campus map). Banquet fee 2500JPY.
mini-banquet of WS-D
November 28 (FRI), 18:00--, at "Shiran Kaiakn" (campus map, Google Map). Banquet fee 3000JPY.
banquet of WS-E/YKIS
December 4 (THU), 18:00--, at the dining room (2nd floor) of the student cafeteria "Hokuto" (campus map). Banquet fee 3000JPY.
If you would like to attend the banquet on Dec.4, please email with the subject line "banquet YKIS YOUR_FAMILY_NAME".

practical information

Useful information for the visitors to YITP.

  • When you come to Yukawa Institute..

    (i) Reception Desk:
    On the first day of each week and on December 3, the reception desk will open at the entrance of the Yukawa Memorial Hall (workshop venue) for 9:00-10:30. Upon reception, you will receive a congress kit, keys (for your office and the etrances) etc. We kindly ask you to pay (i) a registration fee of 2000 JPY and (ii) a key deposit of 3000 JPY at the desk. The deposit will be refunded when you return the keys. If the desk is closed, please go to Secretariat Desk at room K106 (see "YITP Floor Guide") of the Main Building (on Nov.24, the secretariat desk will not be open).
    (ii) Secretariat Desk:
    Room K106 of the Main (Research) Building ("YITP Floor Guide").
    Office Hours: 10:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00 (Monday-Friday, except on November 24 (national holiday))
    (iii) Reimbursement:
    Date and time of the reimbursement will be notified upon reception. See a message card attached to your name tag. To those who will receive the reimbursement of the airfare: make sure to bring the boarding tickets.
  • Offices and Other Facilities

    (i) Offices:
    We have following rooms for participants' offices: Y107, Y108, Y203, Y208, Y210 (in Yukawa Memorial Hall; floor map), K203E, K404, K506 (in Main Building; floor map). Room numbers starting with "K (Y)" are located in the YITP Main Building (Yukawa Memorial Hall). For visitors in each office, see "Visitor-Office table". Please note that the availability of your desk expires on the last weekday of your stay.
    (ii) Discussion Space:
    Rooms K203E (Main Building) and Y103 (Yukawa Memorial Hall) are available for discussion (10:00--17:00). Participants may also use the seminar room Y306 when it is not used for YITP seminars. Y306 is always open.
    (iii) Library:
    The YITP Library is located at K301 of the Main Building. Copying machines are available. You can access online journals from a PC in the Library. Please wear the workshop name tag in the Library. Details will be found in "YITP Library Guide".
    (iv) Keys:
    You will receive two kinds of keys: one for your office and the other (a card key) for the entrances of the buildings. The latter is common to both of the YITP buildings, the YITP Library (K301) and the computor room (K203), and is necessary to enter the above places after working hours (e.g. 18:00-8:00 for the buildings). Please return these keys by 16:00 on the last working day (Monday-Friday) of your stay to the Secretariat Desk (K106) and get the refund of the deposit (3000 JPY). If you need special consideration, please ask one of the organizers or the secretary in advance.
    (v) Building Security:
    The entrances of the two YITP buildings (Main Building and Yukawa Memorial Hall) are automatically locked between 18:00-8:00 am of weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays (except on November 23 when we have the regular workshop seminars).
  • Computers and Network

    (i) Before Connecting Your Laptop:
    YITP takes no responsibility for any damage you might have by connecting your PC to the YITP networks. If you are using a Windows PC, we kindly ask you to install any one of Anti-Virus softwares before connecting your PC to the network. For PCs running on other operating systems (e.g. MacOS, Linux), see a leaflet "YITP Network Facilities for Workshop Participants" in your congress kit. P2P connections are prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.
    (ii) Network Overview:
    A special network (wired/wireless) for the workshop participants is available. To connect to the network, you need authentication using the ID and the password common to all participants. They are shown in a leaflet "Network Facilities for Workshop Participants" in your congress kit. Read Sec.2 and 3 of the leaflet carefully before using the network.
    (iii) Computer Room:
    YITP computer room is located at K203 of the Main Building, where you can use various softwares and devices like photo-scanner. To enter the room except for the working hours (9:00-17:00, Monday-Friday), the card key (which you have received at the reception desk) is necessary.
    (iv) Printers:
    The workshop participants can use the following printers (color, duplex):
    Main Building: ps (K203), ps4 (K406), ps5 (K508)
    Yukawa Memorial Hall: yps2 (Y204), yps3 (Y304)
    For setting up your laptop for these printers, see the leaflet "Network Facilities for Workshop Participants" and the instruction in YITP WEB page.
  • Miscellaneous information

    (i) Copy and Fax:
    Copying machines are available at K104 and the Library (K301). A fax machine is available at K106 (Fax Number: +81-75-753-7010) during the office hours (9:00-17:00). The faxes received during the workshop will be posted on the message board at the entrance of the Yukawa Memorial Hall (the workshop building).
    (ii) Tea and Water:
    Servers of green tea and water (cold/hot) are available at K104 and Y105 (salon of Yukawa Memorial Hall).
    (iii) Eating and Smoking:
    Eating/drinking is strictly prohibited in Panasonic Auditorium (the workshop room), Computer room (K203) and the Library (K301). Smoking is not allowed in the buildings including the office rooms. Some smoking areas are shown in campus map.
  • Maps

    (i) Map around YITP
    View Google Map for the banquet places, students' cafeterias, etc.
    (ii) Floor Guide:
    Room numbers starting with "K (Y)" are located in the YITP Main Building (Yukawa Memorial Hall).
    Floor Map: Main Building, Yukawa Memorial Hall
    (iii) Campus maps:
    North Campus, Main Campus
    (iv) For taxi drivers:
    If you come to YITP by taxi, you can show the following map to the driver: Map
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