YKIS2018a Symposium

General Relativity - The Next Generation -

February 19 - February 23, 2018
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University


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Poster sessions

Instructions for the poster presenters

Poster session on Feb. 20 and short poster presentation on Feb. 19
Poster session on Feb. 22 and short poster presentation on Feb. 21

* The following lists include not only those who have chosen "poster (YKIS only)" but also those who have chosen "both" in the registration form. If you belong to the latter group, please carefully check both of the talk and the poster programs.

Poster session on Feb. 20 and short poster presentation on Feb. 19
(ODD poster numbers)

1.Abolhasani Aliakbar
3.Saikat ChakrabortyBouncing Cosmology in f(R) Theories of Gravity
5.Debika ChowdhuryPrimordial magnetic fields in bouncing universes
7.Aliasghar ParviziQuantum theory of electromagnetic field in a cosmological quantum space-time
9.Tomohiro FujitaPrimordial Gravitational Waves from Gauge Fields
11.Fuminori HasegawaPrimordial black holes and dark matter from Affleck-Dine mechanism
13.Takashi HiramatsuReconstruction of primordial tensor power spectrum from B-mode observations
15.Taishi IkedaMaximum Power Hypothesis
17.Asuka ItoPrimordial gravitational waves and early universes
21.Ryo KatoConstraint on the axion dark matter using pulsar timing arrays
23.Masashi Kimuramass ladder operators
25.Tomotaka KitamuraTree-level Unitarity of Horava-Lifshitz gravity
27.Kwun Hang LaiConstraining Black Hole Horizon Effect in LIGO
31.Andrew MillerA method to detect long duration transients from isolated neutron stars using machine learning and the FrequencyHough
33.Swagat Saurav MishraNew scalar field models of Ultra-light Dark Matter and tracker Dark Energy based on the -attractors
35.Taisaku MoriBRS structure of simple model for cosmological constant problem
37.Hiroyuki NakanoMulti-band gravitational-wave astronomy for binary's spin parameters
39.Eugenio NodaBAO Extractor: A novel robust method to infer Baryon Acoustic Oscillations scales from galaxy survey data
41.Yoshiaki OhkuwaVirtual Black Holes in a Third Quantized Formalism
43.Ken OsatoBlind test of regularized perturbation theory with N-body simulations
49.Samuel PassagliaBispectrum in the Unified EFT of Inflation beyond Slow-Roll
51.Alberto SaaPhase space analysis of singularities in F(R) cosmology
53.Ryo SaitoThe Vainshtein mechanism in general scalar-tensor theories
55.Mohit Kumar SharmaSome aspects of Cosmological perturbations in interacting dark energy models
59.Junsei TokudaTheoretical Consistency of Stochastic Approach
61.Ryota TozukaMulti T-Model Inflation
63.Kei YamadaSingular behavior of BH perturbations and gauge dof in the near-horizon limit
65.Masashi YamazakiModified Gravity and Compact Objects
67.Mai YashikiObservational test of the unified model in f(R) gravity
69.Chulmoon YooPBH abundance from the random Gaussian curvature perturbation and a local density threshold
71.Yun-Long ZhangHolographic Screens in Flat Spacetime

Poster session on Feb. 22 and short poster presentation on Feb. 21
(EVEN poster numbers)

2.Katsuki AokiMassive graviton geons: Self-gravitating massive gravitational waves
4.Baoyi ChenMetric perturbations in near-horizon extremal Kerr spacetime
6.Ka - Wai ChungConstrain Lorentz Violations of Gravitational Waves with Lensing and Super Massive Black Hole Ringdown
8.Torben Christian Frost
10.Otto Akseli HannukselaDiscovering binary environments with gravitational waves
14.Tsuyoshi HouriHidden conformal symmetries of spacetime and higher-order ladder operators for the Klein-Gordon equation
16.Keisuke InomataDouble Inflation as an origin of PBHs for all dark matter and LIGO
18.Li Kaye JialeDynamics of fast spinning neutron stars in a hyperbolic orbit near a massive black hole
20.Felix-Louis Julie
22.Fumiko KawazoeStructured Doctoral Programmes for the next generation of gravitational scientists in Hannover
24.Shunichiro KinoshitaThe essence of the Blandford-Znajek process
26.Nakamura KoujiDouble balanced homodyne detection
30.Fakhereh Md esmaeili
32.Masato MinamitsujiCompact objects in the generalized Proca theory
36.Hayato MotohashiConstructing ghost-free degenerate theories with higher derivatives
38.Atsushi NarukoLong-wavelength perturbations around homogeneous but anisotropic spacetime
40.Ippei ObataPrimordial GWs sourced by gauge field
42.Michele OliosiMinimal theory of quasidilaton massive gravity
44.Naritaka OshitaProbing microscopic structure of spacetime with ringdown gravitational waves
46.Georgios PapadomanolakisThe stability conditions of modified gravity models and their applications
50.Arun Kumar PuthiavanGalaxy Kinematics: Dark Matter Distribution
52.Shohei SagaNew constraints on small-scale primordial magnetic fields from Magnetic Reheating
54.Seiga SatoHybrid Higgs Inflation
56.Kazuyuki SugimuraAccretion onto SMBH seeds: the impact of radiation anisotropy and gas angular momentum
58.Kazufumi TakahashiExtended-mimetic gravity: Hamiltonian analysis and gradient instabilities
60.Kenji TomitaSuper-horizon second-order perturbations for cosmological random fluctuations and the Hubble-constant problem
62.Kunihito UzawaEkpyrotic scenario in string theory
64.Daisuke YamauchiConstraining modified theory of gravity with galaxy bispectrum
66.Ziang Yan
68.Zhang YingliBlack hole perturbations in vector-tensor theories: The odd-mode analysis
70.Daiske YoshidaExploring the string axiverse and parity violation in gravity with gravitational waves