YITP long-term workshop

Gravity and Cosmology 2024

January 29–March 1, 2024
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University

On this long-term workshop

In 2007, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP) started new project "Yukawa International Program of Quark-Hadron Sciences (YIPQS)" funded by Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In this project we select research topics for each long-term workshop and invite leading experts to stimulate discussion and to foster collaborations among workshop participants.

This time, we hold "Gravity and Cosmology 2024", as a successor of the four long-term workshops held under the same title in the past (2007, 2010, 2012, and 2018). (The one in 2022 except YKIS2022a was canceled due to the influence of COVID-19.) The aim of the workshop is to have comprehensive but intensive discussion on the rapidly expanding frontiers of physics of gravity and cosmology.

During the workshop, participants stay at YITP with desks and other facilities. They can take ample time for discussions with other participants in a relaxed atmosphere of Kyoto.

Schedule & Venue

Invited Speakers

Main themes of each week


Science organizing committee

Emanuele Berti (Johns Hopkins), Rong-Gen Cai (ITP CAS), Vitor Cardoso (CENTRA/Niels Bohr), Paolo Creminelli (ICTP), Anne-Christine Davis (Cambridge), Cédric Deffayet (ÉNS Paris), Claudia de Rham (Imperial), Ruth Durrer (Geneva), Roberto Emparan (Barcelona), Ruth Gregory (King's College London), Takaaki Kajita (Tokyo), Renata Kallosh (Stanford), Luis Lehner (Perimeter), Stefano Liberati (SISSA), Andrei Linde (Stanford), Shinji Mukohyama (YITP, Chair), Enrico Pajer (Cambridge), Tsvi Piran (Hebrew), Lisa Randall (Harvard), Mairi Sakellariadou (King's College London), Misao Sasaki (Kavli IPMU), Masaru Shibata (AEI/YITP), Masahiro Takada (Kavli IPMU), Jean-Philippe Uzan (IAP), David Wands (Portsmouth)

Local organizing committee

Katsuki Aoki (YITP), Antonio De Felice (YITP), Tomohiro Fujita (Waseda), Kunihito Ioka (YITP), Sugumi Kanno (Kyushu), Takeshi Kobayashi (SISSA), Sachiko Kuroyanagi (IFT), Hiroki Matsui (YITP), Shinji Mukohyama (YITP, Chair), Atsushi Naruko (YITP), Takahiro Nishimichi (YITP), Naritaka Oshita (YITP), Yoko Oya (YITP), Kazufumi Takahashi (YITP), Takahiro Tanaka (Kyoto), Atsushi Taruya (YITP)