YIPQS long-term and Nishinomiya-Yukawa memorial workshop

Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter 2022

October 31 - December 2, 2022
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University

Instructions for poster presenters

week-2: Nov.8 (Tue, 16:45-18:30), week-3: Nov.15 (Tue, 17:00-18:30), week-4: Nov.24 (Thu, 14:30-16:00), and week-5: Nov.28 (Mon, 16:45-18:00)
Rooms Y206 and Y306 (the rooms upstairs of the main venue Yukawa Memorial Hall; building 11 in Campus Map). Your room is indicated by the poster number (A: Y206, B: Y306). For your poster number, see "List of poster presenters". You will get the details upon your arrival.
  • In-person: usual poster sessions. Please visit "List of poster presenters" to find your name and check the number assigned to your poster. Use the board on which your number is indicated. The size of a poster board is 86.8cm (width) and 151.5cm (height), which accommodates an A0-size portrait poster. Magnets are available to fix your poster on the board. You can keep your poster put up during the week but do not forget to retrieve it by yourself by Friday evening.
  • Online (via zoom): Online posters will be presented at "breakout rooms" in zoom. The zoom link is common to all online activities (see the link shown in our final announcement). After the poster preview, move to the breakout room labeled by your poster number (O-**) and start sharing your screen. Please visit "List of poster presenters" for your poster number.
Poster preview:
A poster preview (--30 min.) is planned before each poster session at the main auditorium (Panasonic Hall). Each presenter of the session (both in-person and online) is given 1 min. to advertise the poster. We ask you to prepare a short slide (in PDF format) for the 1-min. poster preview. The PDF slide must be mailed to:
atsushi.watanabe --at-- yukawa.kyoto-u.ac.jp
by the day before your poster session
Poster files:
As the online presenters are not able to visit the on-site posters, we plan to collect the PDF-files of the on-site posters to share the contents among all the presenters.