YITP-YSF Symposium

Perspectives on Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics:
The 45th Anniversary Symposium of Yamada Science Foundation

August 3 - 5, 2023
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University


Statistical physics is a fundamental field of physics that aims to clarify the universal behavior of systems consisting of many elements such as atoms and molecules. In this context, the decision was made to hold the International Conference on Statistical Physics (STATPHYS28) in Tokyo for the first time in 54 years since 1968, and the YITP (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics) and the YSF (Yamada Science Foundation) jointly organize a satellite symposium as the 45th Anniversary Symposium of Yamada Science Foundation (YSF-YITP Symposium: Perspectives on Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics).

The main purpose of this symposium is to review the academic development of the field of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and to discuss its future prospects. The content of the symposium is based on the fact that the range of applications of modern statistical physics has expanded widely, from physical science such as topological materials, basic theories of quantum computers and artificial intelligence (AI), to economic physics and biophysics. Therefore, by using the concept of statistical physics, which is commonly used in these fields, as a skewer, it is possible to have interdisciplinary discussions that transcend individual fields and provide a unique opportunity to explore new academic directions. In this sense, it is in line with the three basic principles of the Yamada Science Foundation: 1) world-leading research in basic science, 2) intergenerational dialogue in basic science, and 3) interdisciplinary exchange and interdisciplinary discussion.

The Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), which was founded to commemorate Dr. Hideki Yukawa's receipt of Japan's first Nobel Prize, has a long history of fostering research and international research exchange in fundamental physics, not only between Japan and the rest of the world. The activities of the institute, such as supporting research meetings, have been helpful in stimulating research in the field of statistical physics in Japan. The fact that the Foundation has been supporting the field of statistical physics, which is one of the fields of fundamental physics, in the form of supporting research meetings for many years can be regarded as similar to the fact that the Yamada Science Foundation has been supporting the field of fundamental science in science in general. In this memorable year, the 45th anniversary of the Yamada Science Foundation, it is of great significance to hold this satellite symposium to look back on and appreciate the past support for basic science and basic physics, and to look forward to interdisciplinary discussions and the future.

Schedule and Venue


Hisao Hayakawa (YITP, Chair), Keiji Saito (Kyoto U.), Shin-ichi Sasa (Kyoto U.), Masaki Sano (Shanghai Jiao Tong U./U. of Tokyo), Kazumasa A. Takeuchi (U. of Tokyo), Hal Tasaki (Gakushuin U.), Tetsuo Deguchi (Ochanomizu U.), Ryo Hanai (YITP/APCTP, Secretary)

Contact: yitp-ysf2022[-at-]yukawa.kyoto-u.ac.jp


YITP,  Yamada Science Foundation


28th International Conference on Statistical Physics (STATPHYS28)