Instructions for Contributors

Progress of Theoretical Physics

Manuscripts submitted to the Progress of Theoretical Physics (PTP) should be typewritten in English, must contain original work which has not been previously published in any other journal, and is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere.   Papers and Letters should have a concise abstract.   Letters should be no more than 10 printed pages in PTP TeX format.

Author can submit by uploading the single PDF file of a paper or by inputting the e-print arXive ID number via "PTP Online Submission and Review System".
Please see "Operation Manual for Manuscript Submission" for details.

Source file:
For manuscripts written using some form of TeX (LaTeX, Rev TeX, Plain TeX, etc.) other than PTPTeX, we request submission of source files after the paper has been accepted for publication. We also strongly encourage the LaTeX file prepared using the PTPTeX format.   The necessary files and instructions for PTPTeX are available here.

Color figures:
The standard color printing fee is 50,000 yen per color page, regardless of the number of figures a page contains. (In the case that payment is made from within Japan, the appropriate consumption tax is added.)

Author's proof:
To contributors who do not use TeX or LaTeX files, we provide galley proofs.

Publication fee and reprints:           Resuming the Publication Fee Waiver

The publication fee is calculated according to the formula
3,000 p + 200 p × ( x / 50 ) + 1,000 yen   → [Publication fee]
  • p : the number of pages of the manuscript,
  • x : the number of reprints ordered (in units of 50),
  • 1,000 yen : shipping cost for overseas only
The fee for 0 reprints is the same as that for 50 reprints.
(In the case that payment is made from within Japan, the appropriate consumption tax is added.)

Waiver of the publication fee for postdoctoral researchers:
Any paper whose authors include at least one postdoctoral researcher is eligible to be considered for a fee waiver.   In this case, if it can be demonstrated that the publication fee cannot be paid, no fee will be charged.   To receive such a waiver, at the time of submission, the authors should send a letter in which they explain the reason that no authors can pay the fee.   The signatures of all authors should be included in this letter.   In addition, there should be a similar letter signed by each faculty member serving as the host or advisor for each postdoctoral researcher or graduate student among the authors.   If such a request is made, the decision regarding the fee waiver will be made by the Editorial Committee.   It should be noted, however, that in this case, no reprints can be ordered. In case the authors are qualified for a waiver of the publication fee, they are exempted from the proofreading fee.

Copyright of an article submitted to the Progress of Theoretical Physics is transferred to the Publication Office of Progress of Theoretical Physics when the article is accepted in this journal.

Permission of reproduction:
Neither part nor all of an article appearing in PTP can be reproduced without the permission of Progress of Theoretical Physics.   In the event that such a reproduction is done, it must be clearly stated that the reproduced material was originally published in PTP.   With regard to the reproduction of material published in PTP, the approval of the author of the original is to be considered the primary criterion.

Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement:
In case a project to write a Supplement is made, please contact the Editorial Office of the Progress of Theoretical Physics.

Notice for photocopying:
Please obtain permission from the following Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs) to which the copyright holder has consigned the management of the copyright regarding photocopying.

Users in countries and regions where there is a local RRO under bilateral contact with Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance (JAACC) are requested to contact the respective RROs directly to obtain permission. The local RROs are listed on this website.

Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance (JAACC)
9-6-41 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3475-5618
Fax: +81-3-3475-5619

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