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Poster sessions

Instructions for the poster presenters

Poster session on Feb. 13, 14 and short poster presentation on Feb. 12

1.*Yermek AldabergenovNo-scale supergravity with new Fayet-Iliopoulos term
2.*Rui AnRelieving the Tension between Weak Lensing and Cosmic Microwave Background with Interacting Dark Matter and Dark Energy Models
3.*Carlos Benavides-GallegoGravitational lensing for a boosted Kerr black hole in the presence of plasma
4.*Reginald Christian Samson BernardoNew solutions in Horndeski theory
5.*Hrishikesh ChakrabartySingularity avoidance in conformal gravity
6.*Saikat ChakrabortyAnisotropy evolution in $f(R)$ gravity
7.*Kapli ChandraCosmological constant: a form of quantum gravitational energy density of vacuum
8.*Hangil ChoiA new probe of dark matter-induced fifth force with neutron star inspirals
9.*Surojit DaluiPresence of horizon makes particle motion chaotic
10.*Ashmita DasFluctuation-Dissipation in de-Sitter Universe
11.Shyam DasA new embedding class one type anisotropic compact stellar model using Karmakar Condition in General Relativity
12.*Md Riajul HaqueReheating constraints through decaying inflaton
13.*Soumya JanaAn observational imprint of nonlinear matter-gravity coupling in the speed of gravitational waves
14.*Minh Ngoc LeInflation Scenarios via Dialton in Two-Time physics
15.*Joongoo LeeDeep Learning Model on Gravitational Waves of Merger and Ringdown in Coalescence of Binary Black Holes
16.*Jhih-Rong LuThermodynamics of f(R) Gravity with Disformal Transformation
17.*Ling-Wei LuoCoupling Prescriptions of Dirac Spinor in Teleparallelism
18.*Mousumi MaitraSymmetries near a generic charged null surface and associated algebra: An off-shell analysis
19.*Abdulla Al MamonConstraints on a generalized deceleration parameter from cosmic chronometers
20.*Arindam MazumdarViscous cosmology as solution to the tension between CMB and Large Scale Structures
21.*Lucy Olivia McNeillProbing stellar structure with LISA and DECIGO/BBO: using gravitational waves for asteroseismology
22.*Jerome Pardo MeccaSelf-force on a scalar charge in a class of traversable wormhole spacetimes
23.*Karim MosaniGravitational Collapse : A Comparative study
24.*Tomohiro NakamuraChameleon mechanism on gravitational wave in f(R) gravity
25.*Yue NanLarge-scale signature of supercurvature mode dark energy
26. David C. NiModelling Physical Phenomena with Nonlinear Special Relativity
27.*Fazlu Rahman P PAnalysis of Gaussianity and Statistical Isotropy of Galactic Foreground Maps from the PLANCK Mission
28.*Sirachak PanpanichCosmological Dynamics and Double Screening of DBI(onic) Galileon Gravity
29.*Supakchai PonglertsakulQuasinormal modes of black holes and black strings in dRGT massive gravity
30. Parthapratim PradhanExtraction of Rotational Energy from Kerr-MOG(Modified Gravity) Black Hole
31.*Rathul Nath RaveendranPrimordial features from bouncing scenarios
32.*Pratik Premadarshi RayBianchi-V string cosmological model with dark energy anisotropy
33. Gauranga Charan SamantaTraversable wormholes in modified gravity
34.*Stharporn SapaDark energy models with spherical collapse and cluster number counts coupled to dark matter
35.*Mifthanzi Ariana SarashantiDark Matter Distribution of Dwarf Disc Galaxies with Universal Rotation Curve
36.*Mohd ShahalamPre-inflationary universe in loop quantum cosmology
37.*Gansukh TumurtushaaCosmology from a five-dimensional AdS hairy black hole via Holographic principle
38.*Nami UchikataAnalysis of echoes by a new template
39.*Yi-Fan WangHolographic Schwinger Effect of Dynamical Fields
40. Xiao ZhiLorentz-violating scalar Hamiltonian and equivalence principle in a static metric
41.*Wei ZixiaHolographic Quantum Circuits from Splitting/Joining Local Quenches
42.*Jebin LaroshEntropy model of dark matter with hidden sector
43.*Ivan R. VasquezCosmic censorship in a Kerr black hole
44.*Ying-li ZhangPower Spectrum of Primordial Tensor Perturbations in double Inflationary scenario with a break