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There is no registration fee, but registration is required. Online registration is closed now, but we can accept on-site registrations. The registration desk will open at 9:30 on the first day.

Important dates

Apr. 15th
Registration open.
Jun. 13th
Registration deadline for (1) those who wish to give a contributed talk, (2) those who apply for financial support, and (3) those who need an official document for visa (read   instructions here   carefully).
July 11th
July 18th
Registration deadline for invited talks and posters.
Abstract deadline for invited and accepted contributed talks.
Aug. 20th-23rd

Abstract preparation

For talks

Speakers can submit an abstract either on the registration page or by sending a one-page pdf file to kpz _at_ daisy.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp. In the latter case, please use this template file to prepare an abstract.

For posters & contributed talks

Poster abstracts can be given only on the registration page. If you wish to give a contributed talk, submit an abstract on the registration page (or send it to kpz _at_ daisy.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp if it contains TeX commands). If your talk is accepted, you may replace the submitted abstract by a one-page pdf prepared with the above template.

Instructions for poster presenters

Poster preview

Prior to the poster session, we will have a poster preview session, in which each poster presenter gives a three-minutes talk to advertise his/her poster, overview main results or ideas, and so on. For this, please submit a maximum two-page pdf to the indicated address by August 15th (Fri). Please note that we will STRICTLY enforce these restrictions (3 minutes, 2 pages, pdf) so that the preview session will end on time.

Poster session

The board you will hang your poster on is 86.8cm in width and 151.5cm in height, so that you can present an A0-size portrait poster. Magnets will be made available. The poster session will be held on the third day (Aug. 22nd) in the salon (poster no. P01-P05) and in the room Y206 (P07-P18; 2nd floor). You will have a core time, either the first half (odd poster number) or the last half (even number) of the session, in which you are strongly advised to be in front of your poster to present your work. You can hang your poster at any time during the workshop (the rooms will be open), but make sure you remove your poster by the end of the workshop.