Welcome to the Yukawa International Seminar (YKIS) 2019 "Black Holes and Neutron Stars with Gravitational Waves", October 7 - October 11 2019, at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan

This is the conference in the 3rd week of the YITP long-term workshop "Multi-Messenger Astrophysics in the Gravitational Wave Era". This is also the Yukawa International Seminar for the fiscal year 2019 (YKIS2019).

Topics covered in the conference are as follows.

For more details, please visit of the webpage of the long-term workshop.

Invited Speakers  (updated on September 6, 2019)


Background image credit: NASA/CXC/Caltech/P.Ogle et al, NASA/STScI & R.Gendler, NASA/JPL-Caltech, NSF/NRAO/VLA