To the poser presenters

Schedule and Venue

The poster session will be held two times; on 10/7 and 10/8. The Venue is Y206 and Y306 (the rooms upstairs of the auditorium. you will get details upon your arrival). The room Y206 is for the posters No.1-14, and the room Y306 is for the posters No.15-26.

The board for your poster

Please visit Program and find your name. Please check the date, the localtion and the number assigned to your poster. We ask you to put your poster on the board which is labeled by the number and the date assigned to your poster. The boards are labeled by the number and the dates, e.g., "26 (Oct. 7)".

Poster Talks

The "Poster Talks" starts from 16:30. After the Poster Talks, the poster session will start.

In this session, poster presenters show 2 page slide to explain the contents of their posters to the audience. Each slot is just 2 min. long. Please submit your slides to atsushi.watanabe [-at-] by September 30. Please prepare your slides in the PDF format. As each slot is only 2 min., we kindly ask you to keep your slides being just 2 page. If the submitted PDF file includes more than 2 page, the extra pages will be deleted and only the first page will be kept remained.

Poster size, etc.

Poster boards accommodate A0 size portrait posters. The size of a poster board is 86.8cm (width) and 151.5cm (height). You can use only one side of a poster board for your presentation. We ask you to display your poster on the board by yourself. You can use magnets there to pin up your poster to the board. Please make sure to put up your poster well before the start of the poster sessions. The posters should be removed by October 11 morning.