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Last update: Oct. 29, 2011

Schdule of Week 1 (Sep. 20 - Sep. 24)

Sep. 20

10:45-11:00Opening address by M. Matsuo and T. Nakatsukasa (Panasonic Hall)
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Hall, Chair: T.Nakatsukasa)
J. L. Egido (UAM) Symmetry conserving configurations mixing approaches with shape and pairing fluctuations Slide
14:00-14:30Topics in the first week (T.Nakatsukasa) (Y306)
16:30- -Discussion meeting (Y306) [Leader: G. Colo (UNIMI)/Nakatsukasa (RIKEN)]
Pygmy dipole states(1): comments by Colo, Nakatsukasa, Matsuo, Yoshida
18:30-20:30Get-together party (Restaurant Hokuto)
* The restaurant Hokuto is on the 2nd floor in the building of campus restaurant.

Sep. 21

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Hall, Chair: G.Colo)
J. Meng (PKU) Magnetic and Antimagnetic rotation in Covariant DFT Slide
11:00--Discussion meeting (Y306) [Leader: M. Bender (CENBG)]
GCM v.s.RPA: comments by Bender, Yoshida, Kanada-En'yo, Nakatsukasa
14:00--Discussion meeting (Y306) [Leader: G. Colo (UNIMI)/Nakatsukasa (RIKEN)]
Pygmy dipole states (2) Slide
16:30- -Discussion meeting (Y306) [Leader: Nakatsukasa]
Fission(1): comments by Ichikawa, Afanasjev

Sep. 22

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Hall, Chair: M.Matsuo)
N. Chamel (ULB) Nuclear energy density functionals for astrophysics Slide
11:00--Discussion meeting (Y306) [Leader: Nakatsukasa (RIKEN)]
Fission(2): comments by Bender, Hinohara, Yoshida, Egido
15:30-16:30Seminar (Panasonic Hall, Chair: M.Matsuo)
H. Sagawa (Aizu U.) Pairing correlations in exotic nuclei Slide
16:30- -Discussion meeting (Y306) [Leader: J. Meng (PKU)]
Correlations and halos: comments by Kanada-En'yo, Matsuo, Sagawa, Meng

Sep. 23

One-day workshop (Panasonic Hall)

Density functional and other approaches to quantum many-body systems (I)