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Last update: Oct. 29, 2011

One-day workshop 2

Place: Panasonic Hall

Sep. 26

9:30-9:40Takashi Nakatsukasa (RIKEN)
9:40-10:40Susumu Saito (TIT-Physics)
Chiral and achiral carbon nanotubes: A helical-symmetry density-functional study
10:40-11:00Nicolas Chamel (ULB)
Superfluidity in neutron-star crustsSlide
11:30-12:10Hitoshi Nakada (Chiba U.)
RPA and QRPA calculations with Gaussian expansion methodSlide
12:10-12:30Takashi Nakatsukasa (RIKEN)
Finite amplitude method for TDDFTSlide
14:00-14:50Takao Tsuneda (FCNC)
Orbital energies in DFTSlide
14:50-15:20Gianluca Colo (UNIMI)
Microscopic particle-vibration coupling modelsSlide
15:20-15:35Kazuhito Mizuyama (INFN)
Continuum particle-vibration coupling method in coordinate-space representationSlide
16:10-16:55Thomas Papenbrock (UTK)
Ab initio computations and effective theory for deformed nucleiSlide
16:55-17:10Naofumi Tsunoda (U. Tokyo)
Many-body perturbation approach to effective interaction for the shell modelSlide
Topics in the second week
18:30-get-together party