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Last update: Oct. 29, 2011

One-day workshop 3

Place: Panasonic Hall

Oct. 03

9:30-9:40Y. Kanada-En'yo (Kyoto)
9:40-10:10T. Myo (OIT)
Roles of tensor and pairing correlations in neutron drip-line nucleiSlide
10:10-10:40W. Horiuchi (RIKEN)
Short-range and tensor correlations in nucleiSlide
11:10-11:40T. Neff (GSI)
Clustering and intruder configurations in the Beryllium isotopesSlide
11:40-12:00Y. Taniguchi (Riken)
Enhancement of 16O + 18O sub-barrier fusion cross sections by distortion of valence neutrons in 18OSlide
12:00-12:30Y. Zhang (Riken)
Continuum Skyrme Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov theory with Green's function method for exotic nucleiSlide
14:15-15:00J. A. Maruhn (UFTP)
Mean field description of alpha-clusters in light nuclei and nuclear matterSlide
15:00-15:30T. Yamada (Kanto Gakuin)
Cluster-gas-like states and monopole excitationsSlide
15:30-16:00T. Kawabata (Kyoto)
Alpha inelastic scattering and cluster structures in light nucleiSlide
16:30-16:50Y. Utsuno (JAEA)
Cluster states around 16O studied with the shell modelSlide
topics in the third week
18:30-get-together party at restaurant Hokuto

* The restaurant Hokuto is on the 2nd floor in the buiding of campus restaurant.