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Last update: Oct. 29, 2011

One-day workshop 4

Place: Panasonic Hall

Oct. 24

9:30-9:40K. Hagino (Tohoku)
9:40-10:40A. Vitturi (Padova)
Two-particle transfer and pairing correlations: interplay of reaction mechanism and structure propertiesSlide
11:10-11:40H.J. Ong (RCNP)
Search for direct evidence of tensor interaction via (p,d) reactionSlide
11:40-12:20G. Potel (Sevillia)
Two-neutron transfer in Sn isotopesSlide
12:20-12:45T. Fukui (Kyushu)
Three-Body Model Analysis of Subbarrier alpha Transfer ReactionSlide
14:00-14:30E. Vigezzi (Milano)
Structure of halo nuclei and transfer reactionsSlide
14:30-15:10J. Lee (RIKEN)
Using Transfer Reactions to study the Isospin Dependence of Nucleon Correlations and Neutron-Proton PairingSlide
15:10-15:40H. Shimoyama (Niigata)
Anomalous two-neutron transfer in neutron-rich Ca, Ni and Sn isotopes studied with continuum QRPASlide
16:10-16:50Y. Watanabe (KEK)
Experimental project for production of heavy neutron-rich nuclei by multinucleon transfer reaction (KISS project)Slide
16:50-17:30K. Yabana (Tsukuba)
Time-dependent Hartree-Fock calculation for multi-nucleon transfer reactionsSlide