Akinori SugishimaMultiple photoionization of Ar core-Ne shell clusters irradiated by intense extreme ultraviolet free-electron laser pulses
Andrew HillierNumerical Simulations of Plasma Instabilities in the Kippenhahn-Schlueter Prominence Model
Arata YamamotoRelevant gluonic energy scales of color confinement and chiral symmetry breaking in lattice QCD
Atsushi MizutaTurbulent Relative Dispersion in 2D inverse cascade turbulence
Chihiro NakajimaMolecular transport through a bottleneck driven by external force
Daisuke SatohSpectral function of a fermion coupled with a massive vector boson at finite temperature
Daisuke YamauchiSkewness in CMB temperature fluctuations from bended cosmic (super-)strings
Darren PeetsNoncentrosymmetric Superconductors
Fumiya NemotoPhase separation and wetting transition in the binary mixtures of liquid crystals and ionic molecules
Gaku EguchiSuperconducting properties of noncentrosymmetric 5d-electron system CaMSi3 (M=Ir, Pt) and Li2(Pd1 −xPt x)3B
Haruka TaniguchiLarge enhancement of superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 by uniaxial pressure
Hideaki HaraToward production of ultracold polar molecules of LiYb
Hideaki KimDetecting a change by a single neuron
Hikaru KitamuraSimulation of intense core-level photoexcitation and relaxation in metals irradiated by X-ray free-electron lasers
Hikaru SoudaTransverse Laser Cooling Experiment of 24Mg+ at S-LSR
Hiroaki UedaSupersolid phase of Three-dimensional spin- and hardcore-boson models
Hiroki YatouFlow pattern transition of viscoelastic fluids in two-dimensional curvilinear channel flows
Hiroko WatanabeMass motions in off-limb spicules
Hiroshi IwayamaFrustration of direct photoionizations of Ar clusters exposed to intense extreme ultraviolet free electron laser pulses
Hiroshi TakatsuMagneto-transport phenomena in triangular-lattice systems PdMO2 (M = Cr, Co)
Hirotada OkawaHigh-velosity collision of two black holes
Hiroyuki MaeharaDiscovery of optical short-term modulations in a very fast nova V2672 Ophiuchi
Jin MatsumotoMagnetic Explosion driven Outflow from Strongly Magnetized Neutron Stars
Kan TakizawaFlare productivity of beta-gamma-delta type sunspots duaring the 23rd solar cycle
Kazuhiko KamikadoSecond and Fluctuation-induced First-order Phase Transitions with Functional Renormalization Group Equation
Kazumi KashiyamaWhite Dwarf Model for high energy electron-positron emission
Kazuto NodaFerromagnetism of cold fermions loaded into a decorated square lattice
Kazuto OtaniIon beam generation with intense-ultrashort laser irradiation
Kazuya MatsubayashiA Spatially Resolved Spectroscopic Observation of a Possible E+A Progenitor SDSS J160241.00+521426.9
Keisuke NishidaMagnetohydrodynamic simulation of solar flares: What is the role of plasmoid in magnetic reconnection?
Kenji FukukawaDescription of the nd scattering observables by the quark-model baryon-baryon interactions
Kent YagiConstraining alternative theories of gravity with space-borne gravitational wave interferometers
Kiki VierdayantiX-ray spectral variability in the ultraluminous X-ray source Holmberg IX X-1
Kiyoto YabeThe properties of Lyman Break Galaxies at redshift 5
Kohta MuraseImplications of Ultrahigh-Energy Nuclei Production for Multi-Messenger Astronomy
Kosuke ShibataToward addressing and imaging of neutral atoms with wavelength resolution
Kouki NakataExtended Quantum Dimer Model -mapping by the S=1 algebra-
Koutarou KyutokuBlack hole-neutron star binary mergers with realistic equation of state
Kuniyasu SaitohThe restitution coefficients of oblique impact of nanoclusters
Kunwar Alkendra Pratap SinghChromospheric Reconnection: Observations, Theory and Future Challenges
Mahiro HachiyaDevelopment of MRI microscope
Makoto SawadaAn X-ray observation of the Arches cluster and its environment toward the Galactic center with Suzaku
Makoto TakamotoNumerical scheme of the relativistic dissipative hydrodynamics
Manabu MoritsuXi-Hypernuclear Spectroscopy at J-PARC and Recent Progress
Mark PipeTracking performance improvement for the NEWAGE direction-sensitive dark matter search
Masahiro IkedaStructural Analysis of Turbulence-like flow in Counter Optimal Velocity Model
Masaki AndoShort-range gravity experiment
Masaki SatohCircularly Polarized Gravitational Wave Generated from Vector Inflation
Masako YamadaDevelopment of magnetic lens for focusing of neutron beams and novel approach for high resolution TOF-SANS
Masao NakaoOptical Measurement of Transverse Laser Cooling with Synchro-Betatron Coupling
Masashi OtaniDesign and performance of the T2K neutrino beam monitor "INGRID"
Masatsugu MuraseMicrophase separation of liquid crystals by competition of Nematic and B4 phase
Masaya NagaiNonlienar spectroscopy in Terahertz frequency region
Masayoshi NobukawaDiscovery of K-shell Emission Lines of Neutral Atoms in the Galactic Center Region
Midori OzawaDiscovery of Strong Recombination X-rays from Supernova Remnants
Mitsuhisa OhtaClassification of Supersymmetric Solutions in Supergravity
Mitsutoshi FujitaMelting Spectral Functions of the Scalar and Vector Mesons in a Holographic QCD Model
Mukesh JewariyaGeneration of high power THz pulse and THz nonlinear transmission spectroscopy of aminoacids microcrystals
Naoki IsobeAll sky X-ray observation with MAXI
Naoto NishizukaPlasmoid ejection and associated Particle acceleration in the Solar atmosphere
Naoyuki SakumichiCumulants vs Polynomials: Expansion of Partition Functions for “Symmetry Breaking and Quantum Phenomena”
Noriaki OgawaAspects and generalizations of the Kerr/CFT correspondence
Norichika SagoGravitational self-force effect on the periapsis advance in Schwarzschild spacetime
Norihiro TanahashiNumerical Approach to Strong Gravity in Higher-Dimensional Warped Spacetime
Ryo MurakamiMetastable Triplet States of Ultracold Ytterbium
Ryo NamikiPhase-conjugate-state pairs in entangled states
Ryo SaharaVirtual photon structure functions in supersymmetric QCD
Ryo TodaSimultaneous Measurement of Torsional Oscillator and NMR of Extremely Diluted 3He in Solid 4He
Ryo TsutsuiPioneering frontiers with a future multi wave length satellite mission.
Ryohei NishinakagawaThe chemical preparation of graphene nanoribbon samples and raman spectrum of epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide
Ryohei TeshigawaraDroplet spreading with evaporation and condensation
Ryuji OkazakiLower critical fields of ultraclean URu2Si2 single crystal
Satoshi EguchiDevelopment of Image Analysis Software of MAXI
Satoshi MaedaPrimordial magnetic field from noninflationary cosmic expansion in Horava-Lifshitz gravity
Satoshi YamauchiClassification of Spiking Neuron Models
Seiji SugawaBehavior of ytterbium Bose-Fermi mixtures in 3D optical lattices
Shibun TudaHysteresis of the magnetresistance around theν=4/3 bilayer quantum Hall state
Shigefumi HataSynchronization of Uncoupled Oscillators by Common Gamma Impulses, From Phase Locking to Noise-induced Synchronization
Shigeto KabukiImaging Study With A Two Heads Electron Tracking Compton Camera
Shin NakamuraInhomogeneous Instability of Black Holes and Spontaneous Current Generation in CFT
Shin'ichi NagataSolar physics research in Hida observatory
Shin-ichi-ro TanakaReal Time Control of Collective Spin Ensemble
Shinya KatoBose-Einstein condensation of Ytterbium atoms in a thin glass cell
Shinya NakashimaSuzaku observation around the Great Annihilator
Shogo NishiyamaNear-infrared Flares from the Super Massive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy
Shunsaku KitagawaCorrelation between stripe antiferromagnetic fluctuations and superconductivity in LaFeAs(O1-xFx) probed by 75As-NMR
Shunsuke KurosawaCompton Gamma-ray Camera Using a Gaseous TPC and GSO(Ce) Scintillator Pixel Arrays for Astronomy and Monitoring System for Proton Therapy
Sugure TanzawaGregory-Laflamme instability of slowly rotating black strings and branes
Tadahiro SuharaQuadrupole Deformation $\beta$ and $\gamma$ Constraint in a Framework of Antisymmetrized Molecular Dynamics
Taishi NishiharaA new-metastable state induced by inverse LIESST
Taisuke HattoriMicroscopic Coexistence of Ferromagnetism and Superconductivity in UCoGe
Takahiko MasudaLow power PMT base for KOTO experiment using Cockcroft-Walton circuit
Takahiro HimuraPressure dependence of interlayer magnetoresistance in alpha-(BEDT-TTF)2I3
Takao OhnishiDiscovery of strong radiative recombination continuum from supernova remnant G359.1-0.5
Takashi NakanoEffective Potential and QCD Phase Diagram in the Strong-coupling Lattice QCD with Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order and Polyakov Loop Effects
Takaya TamuraNumerical simulations of photoevaporating protoplanetary disks irradiated by a nearby massive star
Takayasu SekiharaMysterious Lambda(1405) -- Its structure, dynamics, and so on --
Takayuki Muranushiダスト衝突帯電を考慮した原始惑星系円盤のグローバルシミュレーション
Takayuki MutoOn the Gap Formation in a Protoplanetary Disk
Taketomo NakamuraInterference between the superconductivities of Pb and Sr2RuO4
Takuma MatsumotoNonlinear propagation of Alfven waves driven by observed photospheric motions: Application to the coronal heating and spicule formation
Takumi IritaniNon-perturbative gluon propagator in SU(3) lattice QCD: Yukawa-type gluon propagator and gluon spectral function
Tatsuo AzeyanagiLarge N reduced models from modern viewpoints
Tetsuya HiraiwaDynamics of a deformable self-propelled particle
Tetsuya IyeNMR studies of iron based superconductors BaFe2(As1-xPx)2 ( 0 < x < 0.33 )
Tomohiro TakahashiInstability of Small Lovelock Black Holes in Even-dimensions
Tomoki MorikawaActivation energy gap in the nT = 1 bilayer Quantum Hall State, with small tunneling energy 1K
Tomonari Katomixed state of Bi2212 with splayed columnar defects
Toru YamanakaTransferring manner of phospholipid-coated water-in-oil droplets through oil/water interface
Yangdong ZhengExcited Spin and Pseudospin in v=2 and v=2/3 Bilayer Quantum Hall States
Yasuhiro NakajimaSearch for Muon Neutrino Disappearance in a Short-Baseline Accelerator Neutrino Beam
Yasuhiro TadaSpin fluctuations and superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric superconductors CeRhSi3 and CeIrSi3
Yasuhiro YamadaInterplay between the Kondo effect and the Andreev reflection in a quantum dot out of equilibrium
Yongjun ChenSelf-propelled liquid droplet caused by wetting and interfacial instability
Yoshihiko IharaTomonaga-Lattinger liquid state in single wall carbon nanotube studied by 13C NMR measurement
Yoshimasa HidakaNovel diagrammatic method for computing transport coefficients
Yoshinori KurimotoMeasurement of Neutral Current Neutral Pion on Carbon in Few-GeV Neutrino Beam
Yoshiyuki InoueProspects for Very High Energy Blazar Survey by the Next Generation Cherenkov Telescopes
Yousuke TonosakiFeedback control of Nonlinear dissipative waves
Yusuke NakaiNMR studies on iron pnictide superconductors BaFe2(As1-xPx)2 and LaFeAs(O1-xFx)
Yusuke NakamuraTowards Observation of Efimov states in Hetero Fermi-Fermi mixture of 171Yb and 173Yb
Yuu NiinoMetallicity of Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitors: Connection between Star Formation and Gamma-Ray Burst Production
Yuuki MoritaniExperiment on control system of segmented mirrors for Kyoto-Okayama 3.8m Telescope