16 February

Time Speaker
9:15-10:00 keynote speech
Hikaru Kawai [PDF (524 kB)]
10:00-11:00 special lecture 1
Toshihide Masukawa
11:00-11:30 break
11:30-12:30 special lecture 2
Yoshiki Kuramoto
12:30-13:00 discussion
13:00-14:20 lunch
14:20-15:50 FR a)From neutrino oscillation to a grand unification theory
Tsuyoshi Nakaya(40+5) [PDF (17 MB)]
Hiroyuki Hata(40+5) [PDF (344 kB)]
15:50-16:50 poster session
16:50-18:20 FR d)The physics of new quantum condensate phases
Kenji Ishida(25+5) [PDF (3 MB)]
Takasada Shibauchi(25+5) [PDF (1 MB)]
Satoshi Fujimoto(25+5) [PDF (5 MB)]

17 February

Time Speaker
9:15-10:45 FR c)Search for extreme and distant astronomical objects and the construction of a new picture of the universe
Masaru Shibata(40+5) [PDF (2 MB)]
Tomonori Totani(40+5) [PDF (5 MB)]
10:45-11:10 break
11:10-12:40 invited lecture
Eiichiro Komatsu(40+5) [PDF (5 MB)]
Alexander S. Mikhailov(40+5) [PDF (2 MB)]
12:40-14:00 lunch
14:00-15:00 Session for graduate school education
Tsuyoshi Nakaya [PDF (1 MB)]
Hideaki Aoyama [PDF (768 kB)]
15:00-16:00 Panel discussion by graduate students
16:00-16:30 free discussion (break)
16:30-17:30 special lecture 3
Shu Muramatsu
17:30-18:30 poster session
18:30-20:30 banquet

18 February

Time Speaker
9:15-10:45 FR b)New forms of quark many-body systems
Tomofumi Nagae(40+5)
Akira Ohnishi(40+5) [PDF (2 MB)]
10:45-11:10 break
11:10-12:40 IR e)Dynamics of non-equilibrium, open systems (from cosmological plasmas to living systems)
Akira Onuki(40+5) [PDF (1 MB)]
Shu-ichiro Inutsuka(40+5) [PDF (4 MB)]
12:40-14:00 lunch
14:00-15:30 IR f)The science of quantum beam imaging (using the technology of elementary particle experiments to probe matter and living systems)
IR g)Application of atoms to investigating quantum information and aspects of fundamental physics (integrating optical and atomic experiments with elementary particle symmetry theories)
Tohru Tanimori(35+5)
Noboru Sasao(20+5) [PDF (1 MB)]
Yoshiro Takahashi(20+5) [PDF (2 MB)]
15:30-16:20 poster session
16:20-17:50 IR h)Special Research Units with the aim of pioneering new fields
Masaki Ando(40+5) [PDF (4 MB)]
Takao Aoki(40+5) [PDF (1 MB)]
17:50-18:20 Summary
Tadateru Maeno [PDF (697 kB)]