International School on Topological Science and Topological Matters

February 13 - February 18, 2017
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University


Program (ppt version)
List of the poster presenters
Abstracts of the workshop talks
Lecture notes by Ryuichi Shindou (1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 3)
Lecture slides by Xiong-Jun Liu (1, 2, 3)
Notes of Haruki Watanabe's lecture (1)

Feb.13 (Mon.) Feb.14 (Tue.) Feb.15 (Wed.) Feb.16 (Thu.) Feb.17 (Fri.) Feb.18 (Sat.)
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Session 7
Session 11
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Session 4
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Individual faculty meeting
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February 13 (Monday)

9:30-11:30   Lecture A

13:30-15:30   Lecture C

16:00-18:00   Lecture C

February 14 (Tuesday)

8:30-10:00   Session 1: Tutorial seminar talk

10:30-12:00   Lecture D

14:00-16:30   Lecture D

17:00-18:00   Lecture B

February 15 (Wednesday)

8:30-10:30   Session 2: "2D and 3D Dirac materials (graphene, Weyl, Dirac, their materializations and its physical properties)", Chair:Chenglong Zhang (PKU)

11:00-12:00   Lecture B

14:00-16:00   Lecture B

16:30-18:30   Lecture A

February 16 (Thursday)

9:00-10:10   Session 3: "Quantum magnetism, correlated electron systems; part. I", Chair: Jianqiao Liu (PKU)

10:30-11:40   Session 4: "Correlated electron systems, Fe-based superconductors; part. II", Chair: Xiaotian Zhang (PKU)

13:30-14:50   Session 5: "Spintronics", Chair: Tang Su (PKU)

15:10-16:40   Session 6: "Topological insulator I (disorder, electron correlation effect, fractional quantum Hall, etc.)", Chair: Zongping Gong (Tokyo)

16:40-18:15   Poster Session I

February 17 (Friday)

8:30-10:00   Session 7: "Topological superconductor and topological superfluid I", Chair: Sho Higashikawa (Tokyo)

10:20-11:40   Session 8: "Surface Science", Chair: Yanqi Liu (PKU)

13:30-14:50   Session 9: "Topological insulator II (disorder, electron correlation effect, fractional quantum Hall, etc.)", Chair: Ken Mochizuki (OIST)

15:10-16:00   Session 10: "Topological superconductors and superfluid II", Chair: Mohamed Oudah (QML,Kyoto)

February 18 (Saturday)

9:00-10:50   Session 11: "Weyl and Dirac semimetal, superconductors and their physical properties", Chair: Ke Chen (PKU)

Poster Presenters

1.Yutaka Akagi (Tokyo) "The noncommutative Z2 index of 3D topological insulators with disorder"
2.Akito Daido (Kyoto) "Gapful topological superconductivity based on nodal spin singlet superconductors"
3.Cassio Amorim (Nagoya) "Indistinguishability as non-locality constraint"
4.Ivan Dario Arraut Guerrero (TUS) "The Quantum Yang Baxter conditions and the dispersion relations for the Nambu-Goldstone bosons"
5.Hiroyuki Fujita (Tokyo) "Generating skyrmionic defects with optical vortex"
6.Zongping Gong (Tokyo) "Zeno Hall Effect"
7.Yingping He (ICQM) "Berry phase effect of Majorana fermion braiding"
8.Sho Higashikawa (Tokyo) "Non-conservation of topological charges in multiple topological excitaitons"
9.Zhao Huang (Keio) "Zero-Bias Conductance Peak in Arrays of Interacting Majorana Modes with Supersymmetry "
10.Yukihisa Imamura (YITP) "Majorana representation and duality derivation of 2D quantum spin systems from the viewpoint of coupled wire construction"
11.Yinan Liu (ICQM) "Gate Tunable Magnetoresistance of ultra-thin WTe2 Devices"
12.Jiawei Luo (ICQM) "Probing chiral superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 underneath the surface by point contact measurements"
13.Kunieda Masanao (QML, Kyoto) "Spin-triplet superconductivity induced in a ferromagnet in Sr2RuO4/SrRuO3-based junctions"
14.Tomonari Mizoguchi (Tokyo) "Effect of interaction between fractional charges on classical spin liquid on kagome lattice"
15.Ken Mochizuki (Hokkaido) "Topological phases in PT symmetric nonunitary quantum walks"
16.Masahiro Haze(Kyoto) "Electronic structures of impurities in heavy fermion superconductor studied by STM/STS"
17.Nobuyuki Okuma (Tokyo) "Magnon Spin Texture in Momentum Space: Possible Realizations in Frustrated Antiferromagnets"
18.Mohamed Oudah (QML, Kyoto) "Superconductivity in the Antiperovskite Oxide Sr3-xSnO"
19.Noriaki Sannomiya (Tokyo) "Spontaneous SUSY breaking and Nambu-Goldstone fermions in extended Nicolai models"
20.Chanchal Sow (Kyoto) "Current-induced strong diamagnetism from the Mott state of Ca2RuO4"
21.Kengo Tajiri (Kyoto) "Nematic superconductivity of the doped topological insulator CuxBi2Se3"
22.Kazuaki Takasan (Kyoto) "Laser-induced topological superconductivity in cuprate thin films"
23.Kenta Tanaka (Okayama) "Theoretical study of spin-polarized local density of states in the vortex state of helical p-wave superconductors"
24.Masaki Tezuka (Kyoto) "The Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: proposal for ultracold gas realization and numerical study of the dynamics"
25.Lichen Wang (ICQM) "Observation and Doping Dependence Study of Charge-density-wave correlations in HgBa2CaCu2O6+\delta by Resonant X-ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy"
26.Zeji Wang (ICQM) "TBA"
27.Pengjie Wang (ICQM) "Anomalous behavior of the N = 2 bubble states in a tilted field"
28.Xingjun Wu (ICQM) "TBA"
29.Ying Xing (CUP) "Superconductivity in topologically nontrivial material Au2Pb"
30.BaoLong Xu (ICQM) "Integer quantum magnon Hall plateau-plateau transition in a spin-ice model"
31.Masanori Yamanaka (Nihon U) "First Brillouin zone and Dirac line node in diamond lattice in 4d"
32.Han Yan (OIST) "Spin Liquid on Pyrochlore Lattice with Pinch-Line Singularities"
33.Yuuki Yasui (Kyoto) "Magnetoresistance and critical current oscillations on Sr2RuO4 micro rings"
34.Qijun Ye (ICQM) "TBA"
35.Yukinori Yoshimura (AdSM, Hiroshima) "Topological and transport properties in topological insulator and Weyl semimetal: thin-film point of view"
36.Anton Zadora (Moscow) "Oscillons in non-integrable systems"
37.Chi Zhang (ICQM) "Quantum capacitance anomalies of two-dimensional non-equilibrium states under microwave irradiation"
38.Mengyao Zhang (ICQM) "Dramatic change of photoexcited quasiparticle relaxation dynamics across Yb valence state transition in YbInCu4"
39.Xiao-Tian Zhang (ICQM) "Theory of transport properties in density wave phases in three-dimensional metal/semimetal under high magnetic field"
40.Shaoqi Zhu (ICQM) "Quantum thermalization in a isolated system"

Lab tour

We organize lab tours to some experimental groups in the physics department as follows. We welcome your visit to our labs.

-- Lab tours to the physics department --

  1. 16th (Thu) Matsuda lab
    Meet in Panasonic Hall after Session 4 (at 11:40).
    Lab tour after following lunch together at Univ. Coop.
  2. 17th (Fri) Maeno-Ishida lab
    Meet in Panasonic Hall after Session 8 (at 11:40).
    Lab tour after following lunch together at Univ. Coop.
  3. 18th (Sat) Maeno-Ishida lab
    Meet in Panasonic Hall after Session 11 (at 10:50).
  4. 18th (Sat) Matsuda lab
    Meet at 11:30 at the entrance of the Physics building
    ("Science building No. 5" indicated in blue in your map)