Poster Presenters

Location: Y206 (No.1-14), Y306 (No.15-26)

[Instruction for the poster presenters]

October 7

Slides of Poster Talks

  1. Canceled
  2. Smaranika Banerjee (Tohoku University)
    "Low luminous action in the sky: are we ready?"
  3. Hu Bin (Beijing Normal University)
    "Coevolution of Super Massive Black Hole with galaxies"
  4. Sylvain Chaty (Université de Paris)
    "Exploring the Gaia view of High-Mass X-ray Binaries"
  5. Jin Hong Chen (Sun Yet-Sen University)
    "Light Curves of Partial Tidal Disruption Events"
  6. Martyna Chruslinska (Institute for Mathematics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics)
    "Chemical evolution of the Universe and the properties of merging double compact objects"
  7. Elias Roland Most (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    "Signatures of first order phase transitions and of high spins in neutron star mergers"
  8. Veronica Dexheimer (Kent State University)
    "Signatures of quark-hadron phase transitions in general-relativistic neutron-star mergers"
  9. Canceled
  10. Shin-ichiro Fujimoto (Kumamoto College)
    "Effects of isomers of Sn, Sb, Te, and I on a kilonova associated with neutron star mergers"
  11. Federico Garcia (CEA Saclay)
    "Exploring the progenitors of low-mass BBH mergers detected by LIGO/Virgo"
  12. Canceled
  13. Canceled
  14. Wynn Ho (Haverford College)
    "Using electromagnetic observations to search for and constrain gravitational waves from pulsars"
  15. Christopher Irwin (Tel Aviv University)
    "The propagation of choked jet outflows in power-law external media"
  16. Canceled
  17. Dong-Hoon Kim (Seoul National University)
    "Amplitude interferometry for detection of gravitational waves"
  18. Shigeo Kimura (Tohoku University)
    "High-energy neutrinos from neutron star mergers"
  19. Canceled
  20. Jakub Klencki (Radboud University)
    "Mass transfer from evolved supergiants -- the key phase on the path towards compact binary mergers"
  21. Jun Kumamoto (The University of Tokyo)
    "Formation of binary black holes in open clusters as gravitational wave sources"
  22. Eva Laplace (University of Amsterdam)
    "The size of stripped-envelope supernovae progenitors and its impact on gravitational waves events"
  23. Yan Li (Sun Yat-Sen University)
    "Polarization of Kilonova Emission from a Black Hole-Neutron Star Merger"
  24. Haoxiang Lin (The University of Tokyo)
    "Very-high-energy gamma-ray afterglow of binary neutron star mergers"
  25. Canceled
  26. Kelly Gourdji (University of Amsterdam)
    "Observing radio signatures of compact binary mergers with LOFAR"

October 8

Slides of Poster Talks

  1. Chia-Hui Lin (National Taiwan University)
    "GRMHD Simulation of Binary Neutron Star Merger and the Mixing of Kilonova Ejecta"
  2. Takahiro Yamamoto (Kyoto University)
    "Estimation of the frequency of ringdown gravitational wave using neural network"
  3. Soichiro Morisaki (Research Center for the Early Universe, the University of Tokyo)
    "Prompt and accurate sky localization of gravitational-wave sources"
  4. Soheb Firoz Mandhai (University of Leicester)
    "An Insight into the galactic hosts and environments of merging compact binary objects"
  5. Kentaro Nagamine (Osaka University)
    "Dispersion Measure towards Fast Radio Bursts: contribution from the IGM and host galaxy"
  6. Canceled
  7. Atsushi Nishizawa (Research Center for the Early Universe, The University of Tokyo)
    "Identifying the host-galaxies of binary black holes with multi-messenger observations"
  8. Sherwood Andrew Richers (University of California, Berkeley)
    "Neutrino Quantum Kinetics in Compact Objects"
  9. Canceled
  10. Canceled
  11. Canceled
  12. Hisaaki Shinkai (Osaka Institute of Technology)
    "Ring-down GW wave search using Auto-Regressive model"
  13. Canceled
  14. Ohgami Takayuki (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Konan University)
    "Follow-up observations of gravitational wave sources with Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam and future plan"
  15. Ataru Tanikawa (The University of Tokyo)
    "Evolution tracks of massive stars under extreme metal poor environments and its application"
  16. Nami Uchikata (Niigata University)
    "Black hole ringdown analysis with KAGRA upgrade plan"
  17. Canceled
  18. Fayin Wang (Nanjing University)
    "Fast radio bursts: statistics and cosmological applications"
  19. Julian Westerweck (Albert Einstein Institute Hannover)
    "Population of measurable black-hole ringdown modes with ground-based detectors "
  20. Di Xiao (Nanjing University)
    "On the properties of a newborn magnetar powering the X-ray transient CDF-S XT2"
  21. Canceled
  22. Canceled
  23. Yingli Zhang (Tokyo Institute of Technology )
    "Primordial Tensor Perturbation in Double Inflationary Scenario with a Break"
  24. Fupeng Zhang (School of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Guangzhou University, China)
    "Gravitational-wave merging events from the dynamics of stellar mass binary black holes around the massive black hole in a galactic nucleus"
  25. Shuo Xin (Tongji University)
    "Gravitational wave emission under general parametrized metric from extreme mass ratio inspirals"
  26. Geert Raaijmakers (University of Amsterdam)
    "The neutron star equation of state from multimessenger observations"