Unofficial mirror page of 15th CAPRA meetings

Unofficial mirror of 15th CAPRA slides @

Abraham Harte (AEI Potsdam)

[pdf] Wave propagation and caustics in curved spacetimes

Adam Pound (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Self-force: Foundations and formalism

Adam Pound (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Second-order gravitational self-force

Alexandre Le Tiec (University of Maryland)

[pdf] Self-Force for Comparable Mass Binaries

Anil Zenginoglu (Caltech)

[pdf] Numerical calculation of Green functions in black hole spacetimes

Anna Heffernan (University College Dublin)

[pdf] High-order expansions of the Detweiler-Whiting singular field

John Baker (NASA-GSFC)

[pdf] Progress and prospects toward a space-based gravitational-wave observatory

Sam Dolan (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Time-domain schemes for gravitational self-force

Eric Poisson (University of Guelph)

[pdf] Self-force as probe of internal structure

John Friedman (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

[pdf] Progress on orbiting particles in a Kerr background

Jonathan Thornburg (Indiana University)

[pdf] Self-force and orbital evolution for a scalar particle in a generic orbit in Kerr spacetime

Priscilla Canizares (Cambridge University)

[pdf] Time-Domain Self-Force Computations Using Pseudospectral Methods

Roland Haas (Caltech)

[pdf] Self-force driven inspiral of a scalar point particle into a Schwarzschild black hole

Sam Gralla (University of Maryland)

[pdf] Second order gravitational self-force

Scott Field (University of Maryland)

[pdf]Fast waveform extraction from gravitational perturbations

Ian Vega (University of Guelph)

[pdf] Self-consistent motion of a scalar charge around a Schwarzschild black hole

Seth Hopper (Albert Einstein Institute)

[pdf] Eccentric orbits on a Schwarzschild spacetime: Transforming metric perturbations from Regge-Wheeler to Lorenz gauge

Barry Wardell (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Self-force: Numerical implementations

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