For Participants

From Secretariat to participants in 1st-3rd weeks:

① The first thing you do at Yukawa Institute
When you first come to YITP, please visit the Secretariat Desk.
We will hand you a workshop kit, keys (your office key and a card key) and other stuffs.
The location and opening hours of the desk are:

Secretariat Desk: K106 in Research Building (pdf)

Office hours: 10:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00 (Mon.-Fri.)

*On the first day of each week (July 21, 27 and August 3), the desk is opened at 9:00.
*On July 20, August 10, 11 and 12, all the offices are closed for Holidays.
*The office is closed in the weekend.


Key deposit of 3,000 JPY is required upon arrival.
Refund when the keys are returned.

③ Reimbursement

Date and time of the reimbursement will be notified upon reception.
See a message card on the keys' envelope.
Please bring your Photo ID or passport at the time of the reimbursement.

③ Entrance

The main entrances of the YITP buildings (Yukawa Hall and Research Building) are opened from 8:00 to 18:00. If you enter the building of YITP at night-time or early-morning or in weekend, please use your entrance card key which is common to the both buildings. Note that the buildings are always locked during weekend. The General Information for the facilities is included in your workshop kit.

④ Coffee and cakes

We will have a coffee break once a day in weekdays.
We kindly ask you to donate 500 JPY for each week for its cost.

⑤ Reception Desks for Japan-France Joint Seminar and YKIS2015 will be opened at the entrance of Yukawa Hall.

Starting times:
Japan-France Joint Seminar: 9:30 on August 11
YKIS2015: 10:00 on August 17

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