Poster Session

Machine Learning

Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics

Isolated Quantum Physics

"New Frontiers in Non-equilibrium Physics of Glassy Materials"

Poster List

1 Kohei Nakajima (Kyoto)
  "Physical Reservoir Computing"

2 Ryo Karakida (Tokyo)
  "Equilibrium Analysis of Representation Learning in Gaussian RBMs"

3 Masamichi J. Miyama (Tokyo)
  "Sparse modeling approach to STM data analysis"

4 Satoru Tokuda (Tokyo)
  "Phase transition phenomena in Bayesian statistics"

5 Sosuke Ito (Tokyo Tech)
  "Transfer entropy and backward transfer entropy inequality for non-Markovian dynamics"

6 Noriaki Ogawa (RIKEN)
  "Pattern formation in Fish Retina from Physical Model Approach"

7 Enzo Morinari (Sapienza)

8 Philipp Strasberg (TU Berlin)
  "Solid state implementation of Maxwell’s demon and information-driven devices"

9 Masato Itami (Kyoto)
  "Derivation of Stokes' law without the Stokes equations"

10 Tomohiko Sano (YITP, Kyoto)
  "Stochastic Mean Field Model of Heat Engine partitioned by Fluctuating Piston"

11 Satoshi Takada (YITP, Kyoto)
  "Drag Law of Two Dimensional Granular Fluids"

12 Tomotaka Kuwahara (Tokyo)
  "Universal character of metastability in periodically driven systems"

13 Yu Takaoka (YITP, Kyoto)

14 Yoshihito Hotta (Tokyo)
  "Study of classical spin systems by tensor network renormalization"

15 Hyungwon Kim (Rutgers)
  "Integrability and Generalized Ensemble: from quantum to classical"

16 Kiyoshi Kanazawa (Tokyo Tech)
  "Minimal Model of Stochastic Athermal Systems: Origin of Non-Gaussian Noise"

17 Naoko Nakagawa (Ibaraki)
  "Non-equilibrium entropy determined by excess heat measurement for heat conducting one-dimensional lattice"

18 Ken Funo (Tokyo)
  "Work fluctuations and energy dissipation in nonequilibrium processes"

19 Yohei Nakayama (Chuo)
  "Stochastic Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Tight-Coupling Feynman's Ratchet"

20 Naoto Shiraishi (Tokyo)
  "Partial entropy production and its applications"

21 Hiroyasu Tajima (RIKEN)
  "Measurement-based Formulation of Quantum Heat Engine and Optimal Efficiency with Finite-Size Effect"

22 Takuma Akimoto (Keio)
  "Distributional limit theorems in Langevin equation with fluctuating diffusivity"

23 Hiroki Ohta (Copenhagen)
  "Fixation in a competing species model on a directed random medium"

24 Takafumi Suzuki (Tokyo)
  "Functional renormalization group study of current noise through quantum dot systems"

25 Haitao Quan (Peking)
  "The quantum classical correspondence principle for work distributions"

26 Sho Sugiura (Tokyo)
  "Macroscopic Entanglement of Thermal Pure Quantum State on Random Field System"

27 Tetsuo Deguchi (Ochanomizu)
  "Exact relaxation dynamics of the isolated Heisenberg spin chain "

28 Tatsuhiko Shirai (Tokyo)
  "Condition for emergence of Floquet-Gibbs state in periodically driven open systems"

29 Yohei Morikuni (Tokyo)
  "Jarzynski Equality under Work Extraction"

30 Kaoru Yamamoto (Tokyo)
  "Thermodynamics of Mesoscopic Thermoelectric Heat Engine be-yond Linear-Response Regime"

31 Ryusuke Hamazaki (Tokyo)
  "Generalized Gibbs Ensemble in Nonintegrable Systems with Symmetries"

32 Akira Shimizu (Tokyo)
  "Quantum Violation of Onsager's hypothesis and Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem"

33 Takashi Mori (Tokyo)
  "Floquet resonant states in periodically driven quantum systems"

34 Eriko Kaminishi (Tokyo)
  "Entanglement Prethermalization"

35 Marcin Mierzejewski (Silesia)
  "Conserved quantities in integrable lattice models"

36 Yuta Murakami (Tokyo)
  "Dynamical mean-field description of relaxation processes in an isolated electron-phonon coupled system"

37 Koudai Iwahori (Kyoto)
  "Dynamics of the Kondo model under the periodic driving"

38 Aimi Hatoya (Ochanomizu)
  "Time evolution of a wave packet in the two-body LL-model"

39 Hisao Hayakawa (YITP)
  "Divergence of viscosity in jammed granular materials: a theoretical approach"

40 Kota L. Watanabe (YITP)
  "Geometric fluctuation theorem"

Poster boards

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