The third ExU annual meeting (Sep. 11, 2023; one day event)

This meeting is an annual event of the Extreme Universe (ExU) collaboration and is open to long term workshop partcipants.

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The video for the talks are available from this link.


Akio Hosoya (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Shall we do thought experiments?"
Norihiro Iizuka (Department of Physics, Osaka University)
"Krylov complexity in the IP matrix model"
Nobuyuki Imoto (The University of Tokyo)
"Time and space issues that appeared in my quantum information research" [Abstract] [pdf]
Akihiro Ishibashi (Department of Physics, Kindai University)
"Quantum improved black holes and thermodynamics" [Abstract]
Tomoyuki Morimae (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)
"Quantum cryptography without one-way functions" [Abstract]
Tatsuma Nishioka (Department of Physics, Osaka university)
"CFTs from QEC" [Abstract]
Kouichi Okunishi (Department of Physics, Niigata University)
"A statistical mechanics approach to holographic renormalization group" [Abstract]
Tadashi Takayanagi (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)
"Aspects of Holographic Pseudo Entropy" [Abstract] [pdf]
Tetsuya Shiromizu/Norihiro Tanahashi (Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University/Deraprtment of Physics)
"Krylov complexity and chaos in quantum mechanics" [Abstract] [pdf]
Masaki Tezuka (Department of Physics, Kyoto University)
"Quantum error correction in spin chains and related models" [pdf]
Go Yusa (Department of Physics, Tohoku University)
"Quantum cosmology experiments in quantum Hall systems" [Abstract]

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