We aim to elucidate the "extreme universe" from the new perspective that all things are composed of "quantum information", going beyond the conventional understanding of "time, space, and matter" in physics. This "extreme universe" refers to the extreme conditions of the natural world, and includes the following three targets:

(i) quantum theory of Black holes (i.e. the limit of space),
(ii) quantum theory of Cosmology (i.e. the limit of time),
(iii) Dynamics of quantum matter (i.e. the limit of matter).

To solve these problems, we need the ultimate understanding of the laws of physics.

We have opened [a Youtube channel] dedicated to our collaboration activities. The videos we have now include the videos of the colloquia. We expect that more videos will come up in the near future. 

We will have the 3rd ExU School during Feb. 13-17. The online registration is now open. Please see the details and register from [here]. There will be lectures on the experimental study of quantum many-body systems with ultracold atoms, quantum algorithms, and inflationary cosmology.

For participation in our online event, please register in our ExU mailing list here.



The 12th Extreme Universe Colloquium was held. [Colloquium Video][Slides].


A paper by Mr Yusuke Taki, Mr Kazuki Doi, Dr Jonathan Harper, Dr Ali Mollabashi, and Prof. Tadashi Takayanagi from our project C01 is press-released. They studied the holography for the de Sitter cosmology and found that the length of a timelike geodesic corresponds to the so-called "pseudo-entropy" in the dual conformal field theory. For details, see https://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/research-news/2023-01-20-7.


Five talks by our members (Tomoyuki Morimae, Hayata Yamasaki, Ryu Hayakawa from A01; Hiroyasu Tajima from E01) are accepted for QIP2023. For a list, please see [here].


We will have the 12th online colloquium “Extreme Universe Colloquium” on January 24th (Tue) 17:00 (JST). The speaker is Prof. Jens Eisert (Freie Universität Berlin). For details, please refer to the poster. If you have not registered yet, please register at our online event website at least three days prior to the colloquium. (It is not necessary to register again if you have done it already.)


The 11th Extreme Universe Colloquium was held. [Colloquium Video][Slides].