We aim to elucidate the "extreme universe" from the new perspective that all things are composed of "quantum information", going beyond the conventional understanding of "time, space, and matter" in physics. This "extreme universe" refers to the extreme conditions of the natural world, and includes the following three targets:

(i) quantum theory of Black holes (i.e. the limit of space),
(ii) quantum theory of Cosmology (i.e. the limit of time),
(iii) Dynamics of quantum matter (i.e. the limit of matter).

To solve these problems, we need the ultimate understanding of laws of physics.



D02 group organizes an international online workshop of tensor networks,
"Tensor Network States: Algorithms and Applications(TNSAA)2021-2022 online" during Jan.17-21.


We have the 2nd on-line colloquium “Extreme Universe Colloquium” on Jan. 26 (Wed.) 10am (JST). The speaker is Prof. Mark Van Raamsdonk (UBC). Please see the poster for the information in detail. If you have not registered yet, please register at our online event website by Jan. 23. Those who have previously registered do not have to do so again.


The first Extreme Universe Colloquium was held [Colloquium Video][Slides].


A kick off meeting was held in this collaboration on Nov.29 and 30 [screen shot].


Call for Publicly Offered Research has started. Please look at this site.