We aim to elucidate the "extreme universe" from the new perspective that all things are composed of "quantum information", going beyond the conventional understanding of "time, space, and matter" in physics. This "extreme universe" refers to the extreme conditions of the natural world, and includes the following three targets:

(i) quantum theory of Black holes (i.e. the limit of space),
(ii) quantum theory of Cosmology (i.e. the limit of time),
(iii) Dynamics of quantum matter (i.e. the limit of matter).

To solve these problems, we need the ultimate understanding of the laws of physics.

The third annual meeting of ExU collaboration@YITP, Sep. 11th


We have opened [a Youtube channel] dedicated to our collaboration activities. The videos we have now include the videos of the colloquia. We expect that more videos will come up in the near future. 


For participation in our online event, please register in our ExU mailing list here.



The research results of Tomoyuki Morimae and Ryota Yamazaki from our group A01 will be presented at QIP2024, the top international conference on quantum information to be held in Taipei in January 2024. The following papers have been accepted:

Fuyuki Kitagawa, Tomoyuki Morimae, Ryo Nishimaki and Takashi Yamakawa.
Quantum Public-Key Encryption with Tamper-Resilient Public Keys from One-Way Functions

Hayata Yamasaki, Kohdai Kuroiwa, Patrick Hayden and Ludovico Lami.
Entanglement cost for infinite-dimensional physical systems



A paper on quantum measurement in the presence of conservation laws by Dr. Hiroyasu Tajima from our E01 group and his collaborator is published in Physical Review Letter. The paper was featured in Physics and can be accessed at https://physics.aps.org/articles/v16/s150.


A press release was made by Koji Yamaguchi from our group C02 and Hiroyasu Tajima from our group E01 about "a theoretical explanation of the maximum amount of quantum coherence that can be extracted from a quantum system". Also, this research is featured in The Nihon Keizai Shimbun. [link].


We will have the 21st online colloquium “Extreme Universe Colloquium” on December 1st (Fri) 15:30 (JST). The speaker is Prof. Nicolas Yunes (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). For details, please refer to the poster. If you have not registered yet, please register at our online event website at least three days prior to the colloquium. (It is not necessary to register again if you have done it already.)


Mr. Masaya Amo, who is a graduate student in our C03 group, has received the "Student Presentation Award of the Physical Society of Japan". https://www.jps.or.jp/activities/awards/gakusei/2023a_student_presentation_award.php