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Last update: Oct. 29, 2011

Schdule of Week 3 (Oct. 02 - Oct. 08)

Oct. 03

One-day workshop (Panasonic Hall)

Clusters and neutrons in weakly bound systems

16:45-17:30meeting: topics in the third week (Panasonic Hall)
18:30-20:30Get-together party (Restaurant Hokuto)
* The restaurant Hokuto is on the 2nd floor in the buiding of campus restaurant.

Oct. 04

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Hall, Chair: Y.Kanada-En'yo)
T. Neff (GSI) Nuclear structure and reactions in Fermionic Molecular Dynamics using realistic interactions Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Hall, Chair: Y.Kanada-En'yo)
Y. Funaki (RIKEN) Resonances and alpha-particle condensate in 16O studied with Complex Scaling Method Slide
16:30- -Discussion meeting (Y306) [Leader: Y. Funaki (RIKEN)]
Cluster phenomena in nuclear systems: Funaki, Nakatsukasa, Ito, Maruhn

Oct. 05

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Hall, Chair: M.Kimura)
R. Roth (TU Darmstadt) Towards Nuclear Structure from Consistent Chiral NN+3N Interactions Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Hall, Chair: M.Kimura)
N. Shimizu (CNS) Recent developments toward large-scale shell-model calculations Slide
16:30- -Discussion meeting (Y306) [Leader: Y. Utsuno (JAEA)]
Interchange between effective-interaction theory and large-scale nuclear calculation: Tsukiyama, Roth, Tsunoda

Oct. 06

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Hall, Chair: Y.Utsuno)
J. Carlson (LANL) Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Neutron Matter Slide
11:00-12:00Short talks by young scientists (Panasonic Hall, Chair: Y.Utsuno)
F. Kobayashi (Kyoto) A new approach to investigate dineutron correlation in neutron-rich nuclei Slide
T. Fukuoka (Tsukuba) Description of excited states in light nuclei with Skyrme interaction employing multiple Slater determinants Slide
Y. Tanimura (Tohoku) A novel method for solving a Dirac equation based on a variational principle Slide
16:30- -Discussion meeting (Y306) [Leader: T. Neff (GSI)]
Abinitio calculation and cluster aspects: Neff, Aoyama, Horiuchi

Oct. 07

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Hall, Chair: N.Itagaki)
M. Ploszajczak (GANIL) Effects of configuration interaction in nuclear open quantum systems Slide
11:00-11:30Short talk (Panasonic Hall, Chair: N.Itagaki)
Y. Kikuchi (RCNP) Description of many-body scattering states using complex scaling method Slide
16:30- -Discussion meeting (Y306) [Leader: J. Carlson (LANL)]
Short-range and tensor correlations: Carlson, Neff
14:00-16:00YKIS2011 registration (Entrance lobby of Yukawa Memorial Hall)