Unofficial mirror page of 7th CAPRA meeting

Unofficial mirror of 7th CAPRA slides @

Yasushi Mino (UTB)

[TXT] Radiation Reaction and Gravitational Waveform from EMRI

Hiroyuki Nakano (Osaka)

[pdf] Gravitational Self-force under Regge-Wheeler Gauge

Dong-Hoon Kim (University of Florida)

[pdf] Regularization parameters for the self-force of a moving particle and gauge problems

Bernard Whiting (University of Florida)

[pdf] A basis for generalized perturbations of the Kerr black hole, etc

Leor Barack (UTB)

[pdf] Implementation of the Mode-Sum method through time-domain numerical integration of the perturbation equations in the harmonic gauge (progress report)

Eric Poisson (Universiy of Guelph)

[pdf] Flow of mass and angular momentum into a black hole: Time-domain formalisms and small-hole/slow-motion approximation

Kostas Glampedakis (Universiy of Southampton)

[pdf] Gravitational radiation from test-bodies in parabolic and high-eccentricity orbits in Kerr spacetime: progress report

Wataru Hikida (Kyoto University)

[pdf] A new analytical method for self-force regularization

Eran Rothenthal (Technion)

[pdf] Regularization of the second order gravitational perturbations produced by a compact object

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