Journal Club record of 2004

We have informal seminar every Tuesday 11:00--(about one hour) at room k202.

Last updated: 05/03/31
Date Name Paper
4/20 Tokunaga hep-th/0306238
Seiberg-Witten theory and Random Partitions
N.Nekrasov and A.Okounkov
cf) hep-th/0206161
Seiberg-Witten prepotential from instanton counting
4/27 Ota hep-th/0311203
Spin chains and string theory
5/11 Rossi hep-th/0307108
Higher-level eigenvalues of Q-operators and Schroedinger equation
V.V.Bazhanov and S.L.Lukyanov and A.B.Zamolodchikov
5/18 Fukaya JHEP 0311:023,2003 hep-lat/0309189
Lattice QCD in the epsilon-regime and random matrix theory
L.Giusti, M.Luscher, P.Weisz, H,Witting
6/1 Hasebe 1), Phys.Rev.Lett.91(2003)236803; (cond-mat/0306045)
The Eight Dimensional Quantum Hall Systems and the Octonions
B.A.Bernevig, J.Hu, N.Toumbas and S.C.Zhang

2) Phys.Lett.B 207 (1988) 39
Membranes, Higher Hopf MAps, and Phase Interactions
Y.S.Wu and A.Zee

3)Annals Phys. 300 (2002) 185Acond-mat/0206164
Effective field theory description of the higher dimensional quantum Hall liquid
B.A. Bernevig, C.H. Chern, J.P. Hu, N.Toumbas, S.C Zhang
6/8 Kugo
Electric dipole moment of magnetic monopole
6/15 Kunitomo hep-th/0312171
Perturbative Gauge Theory As A String Theory In Twistor Space
6/22 Konishi Phys.Lett.B585(2004)163-172(hep-th/0312234)
Geometric transitions, Chern-Simons gauge theory and Veneziano type amplitude
T.Eguchi, H.Kanno

1)JHEP 0312 (2003) 006(hep-th0310235)
Topological Strings and Nekrasov's formulas
T.Eguchi, H.Kanno
Curve counting and instanton counting
7/6 Terasaki Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 262001 (2003) hep-ex/0309032
Observation of a Narrow Charmoniumlike State in Exclusive B^+- ->K^+-pi^+pi^-J/psi Decays
The Belle Collaboration
10/5 Nojiri
Physics of Gravitino
10/12 Sasaki
Shape invariant 'Discrete Quantum Mecanics'
S.Okada R.Sasaki
10/26 Sasakura JHEP 0408:024 (2004) (hep-th/0407019)
Quantum field theory on a growing lattice
B.Z.Foster and T.Jacobson,
11/2 Onogi hep-lat/0409088
The heavy quark's self energy from moving NRQCD on the lattice
A. Dougall, C. T. H. Davies, K. M. Foley, G. P. Lepage
11/9 Shizuya
On the anomaly puzzle in SUSY gauge theories.
11/16 Sugimoto hep-th/0408001
Fine structure of Hagedorn transitions
Hong Liu
11/30 Takahashi hep-th/0312213
Decay of C/Z_n: exact supergravity solutions
Matthew Headrick
12/7 Gurrieri hep-th/0411066
Stability of flux compactifications and the pattern of supersymmetry breaking
K. Choi, A. Falkowski, H. P. Nilles, M. Olechowski and S. Pokorski.
1/18 Kajiura hep-th/0501071
Open String BRST Cohomology for Generalized Complex Branes
Anton Kapustin, Yi Li,
cf) (1)hep-th/0407249
Topological sigma-models with H-flux and twisted generalized complex manifolds
Anton Kapustin, Yi Li
Topological strings on noncommutative manifolds
Anton Kapustin
2/1 Takimi hep-th/0312199
Ginsparg-Wilson Relation and t'Hooft-Polyakov Monopole on Fuzzy 2-Sphere
H.Aoki, S.Iso, K.Nagao
2/8 Goto hep-ph/0410409
CPT violation in entangled B^0 -\bar{B}^0 states and the demise of flavour tagging
E.Alvarez, J.Bernabeu, N.E.Mavromatos, M.Nebot, and J.Papavassilou
2/15 Zambon hep-th/0412159
Reflection-Transmission Quantum Yang-Baxter Equations
Caudrelier, Minchev, Ragoucy, Sorba;
3/1 Kawai hep-th/0503???(abstract)
Fractional Space-like Branes
3/22 Zeze hep-th/0502151
A New rolling tachyon solution of cubic string field theory.
V.Forini, G.Grignani, G.Nardelli
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