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every Wednesday 13:30--14:30 @Y306
Last Update : 2012/12/11


Date Name Room Paper
12/12 Ugajin Y306 arXiv:1209.5396 [hep-th] Smoothed Transitions in Higher Spin AdS Gravity Shamik Banerjee, Alejandra Castro, Simeon Hellerman, Eliot Hijano, Arnaud Lepage-Jutier, Alexander Maloney, Stephen Shenker
12/5 Sasakura K206 arXiv:1211.3816 [gr-qc] Is a tabletop search for Planck scale signals feasible Jacob D. Bekenstein
11/28 Terashima Y306 arXiv:1210.6057 [hep-th] A One-Loop Test of Quantum Supergravity Sayantani Bhattacharyya, Alba Grassi, Marcos Marino, Ashoke Sen
11/21 Takayama Y306 arXiv:1209.6382 [hep-ph] Higgs Couplings and Precision Electroweak Data B.Batell, S.Gori and L.-T.Wang
11/14 Takayanagi K206 arXiv:1210.7244 [hep-th] Entanglement entropy in de Sitter space Juan Maldacena, Guilherme L. Pimentel
11/7 Kazuhiro Sakai K202 arXiv:1208.6244 [hep-th] Two-Sphere Partition Functions and Gromov-Witten Invariants Jockers, Kumar, Lapan, Morrison and Romo
10/31 Prudenziati Y306 arXiv:1207.3123 [hep-th] Black Holes: Complementarity or Firewalls? Almeheiri, Marolf, Polchinski and Sully
7/13 Moriyama Y306 arXiv:1205.4142 [hep-th] Contact Terms, Unitarity, and F-Maximization in Three-Dimensional Superconformal Theories Cyril Closset, Thomas T. Dumitrescu, Guido Festuccia, Zohar Komargodski, Nathan Seiberg
7/11 Nozaki Y306 arXiv:1202.5650 [hep-th] On the RG running of the entanglement entropy of a circle H. Casini, Marina Huerta
6/27 Kunitomo Y306 arXiv:1201.1769 [hep-th] Constrained BV Description of String Field Theory Nathan Berkovits
6/20 Kimura Y306 arXiv:1107.5337 [hep-th] G-flux in F-theory and algebraic cycles A.P.Braun, A.Collinucci and R.Valandro
6/13 Kugo Y306 arXiv:1202.1501 [hep-th] On 'New Massive' 4D Gravity. Eric A. Bergshoeff, J.J. Fernandez-Melgarejo, Jan Rosseel and Paul K. Townsend
6/6 Izawa Y306 arXiv:1112.2415 [hep-th] Planck Scale Boundary Conditions and the Higgs Mass Martin Holthausen, Kher Sham Lim, Manfred Lindner
5/30 Irie Y306 arXiv:1106.5922 [hep-th] The Resurgence of Instantons in String Theory Ine^s Aniceto, Ricardo Schiappa and Marcel Vonk
5/23 Hosomichi Y306 arXiv:1204.4824 [hep-th] Spectral networks Davide Gaiotto, Gregory W. Moore, Andrew Neitzke
5/16 Hama Y306 arXiv:1204.1280 [hep-th] The large N limit of M2-branes on Lens spaces Luis F. Alday, Martin Fluder, James Sparks
4/27 Imai Y306 arXiv:1111.3368 [hep-ph] The MSSM Higgs Sector with a Dynamical Goldstino Supermultiplet Christoffer Petersson, Alberto Romagnoni
4/20 Hashiba Y306 arXiv:1202.6339 [hep-ph] Supersymmetry with Light Stops Grant Larsen, Yasunori Nomura, Hannes L.L. Roberts
4/13 Nosaka Y306 arXiv:1106.3664 [hep-th] Instanton Partons in 5-dim $SU(N)$ Gauge Theory Stefano Bolognesi and Kimyeong Lee

tentative list of speakers in order

  1. Nosaka
  2. Hashiba
  3. Imai
  4. Hama
  5. Hosomichi
  6. Irie
  7. Izawa
  8. Kugo
  9. Kimura
  10. Kunitomo
  11. Nozaki
  12. Moriyama
  13. Prudenziati
  14. K.Sakai
  15. Sasakura
  16. Takayama
  17. Takayanagi
  18. Terashima
  19. Ugajin
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