Journal Club record of 2005

We have informal seminar every Tuesday 11:00--(about one hour) at room k202 or k206.

Last updated: 06/3/7
Date Name Paper
4/12 Takeuchi hep-ph/0406142
Localized Supersoft Supersymmetry Breaking
Z.Chacko, P J. Fox, H. Murayama
4/19 Sasai hep-th/0410137
On fuzzy spheres and (M)atrix actions
Horatiu Nastase
4/26 Rossi hep-th/0502188
Finite size effects in ferromagnetic spin chains and quantum corrections to classical strings
R.Hernandez, E.Lopez, A. Perianez, G.Sierra

cf) hep-th/0411191(first two sections of)
Semiclassical Bethe Ansatz and AdS/CFT

(to give also a general introduction to the applications of spin chains techniques to Super Yang Mills theories)
5/10 Fukaya hep-lat/0410043
Michael Creutz
5/17 Gurrieri
Half-flat compactifications and KKLT model
(Summary of works during 2 years at Yukawa Institute.)
5/24 Hasebe
Fuzzy supersphere. supermatrix model and super quantum Hall effect
ref.1)math-ph/9907020 by G. Landi,

2) hep-th/0311005 by S. Iso and H. Umetsu,กก

3) hep-th/0411137 by Hasebe

The former half of my talk is mainly based on the one which I gave at the KEK annual conference.
5/31 Asakawa hep-ph/0412278
Collider Phenomenology of the Higgsless Models
A. Birkedal, K. Matchev and M. Perelstein,
6/7 Kajiura
On recent developements in B-twisted topological Landau-Ginzburg models,

ref.1) hep-th/0412274
``Stability of Landau-Ginzburg branes,'' by J.Walcher,

2) hep-th/0404196( JHEP 0501 (2005) 008)
``F-term equations near Gepner points,'' by K.Hori and J.Walcher,กก

3) hep-th/0305136 (Adv. Theor. Math. Phys. 7 (2004) 727)
``Topological correlators in Landau-Ginzburg models with boundaries,'' by A.Kapustin and Y.Li,

6/14 Kawai hep-th/0501145
"Closed strings in Misner space: A toy model for a big bounce?"
Durin and Pioline,

Hasegawa Phys.Lett.B604:133-143,2004 hep-ph/0408028
An attempt to solve the hierarchy problem based on gravity-gauge-Higgs unification scenario
K. Hasegawa, C.S. Lim, Nobuhito Maru
7/12 Kugo hep-th/0505194
Possible Nonlinear Completion of Massive Gravity
Shinji Hamamoto

(1) Ann. Phys. 215(1992)51
Infrared Regularization of Quantum Gravity,
C. Fronsdal and W.F. Heidenreich
(2) hep-th/0501042
New Formulation of Massive Spin Two Field Theory and Solution of vDVZ Discontinuity Problem
Ki-Ichiro Sato
10/11 Kunitomo hep-th/0509120
Pure Spinor Formalism as an N=2 Topological String
Nathan Berkovits.
11/15 Sasakura hep-th/0511031
Quantization of fields based on Generalized Uncertainty Principle
T.Matsuo and Y.Shibusa
11/22 Onogi astro-ph/0511043
Dark Matter at the Fermi Scale
J. L. Feng
11/29 Tokunaga hep-th/0510215
Partition Functions of Pure Spinors
P. A. Grassi and J. F. Morales Morera

c.f.) hep-th/0503075
The Character of Pure Spinors
N. Berkovits and N. A Nekrasov
12/13 Sasaki
Overview of the integable structures in string/gauge theories,
1/10 Sugimoto 1) hep-th/0506176
Microscopic Black Hole Entropy in Theories with Higher Derivatives
2) hep-th/0508218
Holographic Gravitational Anomaly.
1/17 Okamura (1)hep-ph/0501111
"How much Uranium is in the Earth? Predictions for geo-neutrinos at KamLAND"
G.Fiorentini, M.Lissia, F.Mantovani, R.Vannucci

(2)Nature Vol436|28, July 2005
"Experimental investigation of geologically produced antineutrinos with KamLAND"
KamLAND collaboration (T.Araki et al)

"KamLAND results and the radiogenic terrestrial heat"
G.Fiorentini, M.Lissia, F.Mantovani, B.Ricci
1/31 Shizuya hep-th/0103135 and some recent papers.
Anomalies in orbifold theories
N. Arkani-Hamed, A. C. Cohen and H. Georgi
2/7 Goto hep-ph/0601036
Radiatively Generated Maximal Mixing Scenario for the Higgs Mass and the Least Fine Tuned Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
Radovan Dermisek, Hyung Do Kim

Zambon hep-th/0512337
Reflection factors and exact g-functions for purely elastic scattering theories
P Dorey, A Lishman, C Rim and R Tateo,

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