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every Tuesday 11:00--(about one hour) at K202 or K206.

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Schedule (alphabetical order)
Date Name Room Paper
4/11 Ota K202 hep-th/0601079
Black Rings, Boosted Strings and Gregory-Laflamme
J.L.Hovdebo and R.C.Myers
4/18 Albertsson K202 hep-th/0601172
Dilatons in curved backgrounds by the Poisson--Lie transformation
L. Hlavaty
Flat coordinates and dilaton fields for three--dimensional conformal sigma models
L. Hlavaty and M. Turek
Poisson-Lie T-plurality of three-dimensional conformally invariant sigma models II: Nondiagonal metrics and dilaton puzzle
L. Hlavaty, L. Snobl
4/25 Kawai K202 hep-th/0601062
Effective Dynamics of the Matrix Big Bang
Ben Craps, Arvind Rajaraman, Savdeep Sethi
5/9 Onogi K202 hep-ph/0604076
A Supersymmetric Twin Higgs
S.Chang, L.Hall, N.Weiner
5/16 Okamura K202 hep-ph/0604113
Constraints on neutrino mixing angle theta_13 and Supernova neutrino fluxes from the LSD neutrino signal from SN1987A
5/23 Sasai K202 hep-th/0601111
Bounds on masses of bulk fields in string compactifications
S. Kachru, J. McGreevy, P. Svrcek
5/30 Sasaki K202 quant-ph/0605215
Unified Theory of Annihilation-Creation Operators for Solvable (`Discrete') Quantum Mechanics
S. Odake & R. Sasaki
6/6 Sasakura K202 gr-qc/0506067
A group field theory for 3d quantum gravity coupled to a scalar field
L.Freidel, D.Oriti and J.Ryan
6/27 Shizuya K202
Two-dimensional gas of massless Dirac fermions in graphene
K. Novoselov, et al., Nature 438, 197 (Nov. '05), Y. Zhang, et al., Nature 438, 201 (Nov. '05), and some related papers.
7/4 Zambon K202 (2006) J Phys A39 4147, nlin.SI/0512047
Factorization of the transfer matrices for the quantum sl(2) spin chains and Baxter equation
S. E. Derkachov and A. N. Manashov
7/11 Abe K202 hep-ph/0602096
Supersymmetry, naturalness, and signatures at the LHC
Ryuichiro Kitano and Yasunori Nomura

Shah K202 hep-th/0405146 and hep-th/0504147
Topological Strings and OSV Conjecture

10/3 Kunitomo K202 hep-th/0610xxx
Lower-dimensional superstrings in the double-spinor formalism
S. Mizoguchi and H. Kunitomo
10/10 Izawa K202 hep-ph/0608299
J.B. Sanchez, K. Dimopoulos, D.H. Lyth
"A-term inflation and the MSSM"

Terashima K202 hep-th/0602239.
K. Intriligator, N. Seiberg and D. Shih
"Dynamical SUSY breaking in meta-stable vacua,"
JHEP 0604(2006)021
10/24 Onogi K202

"New method of determining Fpi on the lattice"
Physical Review D72, 091501(2005)

11/21 Sasai K206 hep-th/0608179
Statistics and UV-IR Mixing with Twisted Poincare Invariance
11/28 Albertsson K206 hep-th/0605149
"Doubled geometry and T-folds"
C.M. Hull
12/5 Kawai K206 1) Nongeometry, duality twists, and the worldsheet.
Alex Flournoy , Brook Williams 
Published in JHEP 0601:166,2006.

2) Worldsheet CFTs for Flat Monodrofolds.
Simeon Hellerman, Johannes Walcher
12/19 Kimura K202 hep-th/0610299
"Non-renormalisation conditions in type II string theory and maximal supergravity"
M.B. Green, J.G. Russo, and P. Vanhove.
1/16 Okamura K206

"CP-even neutrino beam"

A.Fukumi, I.Nakano, H.Nanjo, N.Sasao, S.Sato, and M.Yoshimura

1/23 Tokunaga K206 hep-th/0609157
The Off-shell Symmetry Algebra of the Light-cone AdS_5 x S^5 Superstring
Gleb Arutyunov, Sergey Frolov, Jan Plefka, Marija Zamaklar

The Zamolodchikov-Faddeev Algebra for AdS_5 x S^5 Superstring
Gleb Arutyunov, Sergey Frolov, Marija Zamaklar
2/6 R.Sasaki K202 hep-th/0612154
Exact classical solutions of non-linear sigma models on supermanifolds
Ryu Sasaki, Wen-Li Yang, Yao-Zhong Zhang
2/13 S.Sasaki K206 Black Hole Entropy Function and the Attractor Mechanism in Higher Derivative Gravity,
A.Sen, JHEP 0509 (2005) 038,

Higher Derivative Corrections to Non-supersymmetric Extremal Black Holes in N=2 Supergravity,
B.Sahoo and A.Sen, JHEP 0609 (2006) 029

On Entropy Function for Supersymmetric Black Rings,
R-G. Cai, D-W. Pang,
Sasakura K202 hep-th/0701113
The Relativistic Particle: Dirac observables and Feynman propagator
 Laurent Freidel, Florian Girelli, Etera R. Livine

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