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on every Friday 13:30--(about one hour) at Y306
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Date Name Room Paper
12/19 Ogawa Y306 arXiv:0810.2951 [hep-th] Non-extremal fuzzballs and ergoregion emission Borun D. Chowdhury and Samir D. Mathur arXiv:0806.2309 [hep-th] Pair creation in non-extremal fuzzball geometries Borun D. Chowdhury and Samir D. Mathur arXiv:0711.4817 [hep-th] Radiation from the non-extremal fuzzball Borun D. Chowdhury and Samir D. Mathur
12/12 Murata Y306 arXiv:0707.4591 [hep-th] Tachyon Vacuum in Cubic Superstring Field Theory T. Erler arXiv:0804.2017 [hep-th] Tachyon Solution in Cubic Neveu-Schwarz String Field Theory I. Y. Aref'eva, R. V. Gorbachev and P. B. Medvedev
12/5 Sasai Y306 Noncommutative gauge theory in Lie algebraic noncommutative spacetime Y.Sasai, N.Sasakura (in preparation)
11/28 Kimura Y306 arXiv:0810.5328 [hep-th] Minimal simple de Sitter solutions S.S. Haque, G. Shiu, B. Underwood and T. Van Riet arXiv:0711.2512 [hep-th] Inflationary constraints on type IIA string theory M.P. Hertzberg, S. Kachru, W. Taylor and M. Tegmark
11/14 Onogi Y306 arXiv:0807.2352 [hep-th] N=4 Super Yang-Mills from the Plane Wave Matrix Model theory of gravitation
11/7 Sasakura Y306 arXiv:0807.0733 [hep-th] Gauging the twisted Poincare symmetry as noncommutative theory of gravitation M. Chaichian, M. Oksanen, A. Tureanu and G. Zet
10/31 Eguchi Y306 arXiv:0810.4944 [hep-th] Seiberg-Witten theory and matrix models A.Klemm and P.Sulkowski
10/17 Albertsson Y306 arXiv:0807.4527 [hep-th] T-duality, generalized geometry and non-geometric backgrounds M. Grana, R. Minasian, M. Petrini and D. Waldram
10/3 Terashima Y306 arXiv:0809.4266 [hep-th] The Kerr/CFT Correspondence Monica Guica, Thomas Hartman, Wei Song, Andrew Strominger
7/4 Shizuya Y306 Physics of bilayer graphene (an overview based on some recent papers)
6/27 Ohta Y306 arXiv:0804.3675 [hep-th] Near-hirizon brane-scan revived M. J. Duff
6/20 Kugo Y306 arXiv:0803.1184 [hep-th] Light-like tachyon condensation in Open String Field Theory Simeon Hellerman and Martin Schnabl
6/6 Izawa K206 arXiv:0805.0799 [hep-ph] Anomalies, Unparticles, and Seiberg Duality Jamison Galloway, John McRaven and John Terning
6/6 Izawa K206 arXiv:0805.0799 [hep-ph] Anomalies, Unparticles, and Seiberg Duality Jamison Galloway, John McRaven and John Terning
5/30 Kunitomo K206 arXiv:0712.0627 [hep-th] Linear b-Gauges for Open String FIelds M. Kiermaier, A. Sen and B. Zwiebach
5/16 Abe K102 arXiv:0801.0578 [hep-th] On Anomaly Mediated SUSY Breaking S.P. de Alwis
4/28 Yagi K102 0711.0955 [hep-th] Gauge Symmetry and Supersymmetry of Multiple M2-Branes Jonathan Bagger and Neil Lambert
4/25 Nakai K206 hep-th/0510020 On singular effective superpotentials in supersymmetric gauge theories Philip C. Argyres and Mohammad Edalati Japanese Only
4/18 Kohriki K206 hep-th/0511286 Analytic solution for tachyon condensation in open string field theory Martin Schnabl Japanese Only
4/11 Misumi K206 arXiv: 0711.2132[hep-lat] Observing dynamical supersymmetry breaking with euclidean lattice simulations I.Kanamori, F.Sugino and H.Suzuki

The order of speakers. (Just a plan)

  1. Misumi
  2. Kohriki
  3. Nakai
  4. Kunitomo
  5. Izawa
  6. Kugo
  7. Ohta
  8. Maruyoshi
  9. Shizuya
  10. Yagi
  11. Terashima
  12. Eguchi
  13. Sasaki
  14. Albertsson
  15. Sasai
  16. Sasakura
  17. Murata
  18. Ogawa
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