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every Wednesday 13:30--14:30 @Y306


Date Name Room Paper
2/25 Jahn Y306 Computing minimal surfaces in AdS4 using finite elements
In this talk, I will present my own work on holographic entanglement entropy for local quenches in AdS/CFT, studied analytically by Nozaki et al. ( arXiv:1302.5703). For a number of interesting configurations, exact solutions are not possible and traditional numerical approaches are unstable. I present an approach based on the finite-element method, which relies on optimizing a discretized mesh, to compute minimal surfaces along an arbitrary one-dimensional boundary in AdS4.
1/21 Terashima Y306 arXiv:1412.5148[hep-th] Generalized Global Symmetries D. Gaiotto, A. Kapustin, N. Seiberg and B. Willett
1/14 Takayanagi Y306 arXiv:1410.1540[hep-th] The Information Theoretic Interpretation of the Length of a Curve Bartlomiej Czech, Patrick Hayden, Nima Lashkari, Brian Swingle
1/7 Shigemori Y306 arXiv:1401.5068[hep-th] Consistent Compactification of Double Field Theory on Non-geometric Flux Backgrounds Falk Hassler, Dieter Lust
12/17 Irie K202 arXiv:1601.04934[hep-th] Wronskians, dualities and FZZT-Cardy branes Chuan-Tsung Chan, Hirotaka Irie, Benjamin Niedner, and Chi-Hsien Yeh
12/10 Shiba Y306 arXiv:1304.7985[hep-th] Some Results on Mutual Information of Disjoint Regions in Higher Dimensions John Cardy
11/26 Numasawa K206 arXiv:1409.1937[hep-ph] Interpolating between a and F Simone Giombi and Igor R. Klebanov
11/19 Nosaka K102 arXiv:1406.5501[hep-th] Boundaries and Defects of N=4 SYM with 4 Supercharges, Part II: Brane Constructions and 3d N=2 Field Theories Akikazu Hashimoto, Peter Ouyang, Masahito Yamazaki
11/5 Takayama K202 arXiv:1407.0030[hep-ph] Baryogenesis from Strong CP Violation and the QCD Axion Geraldine Servant
10/29 Moriyama Y306 arXiv:1404.0711[hep-th] Holography for (1,0) theories in six dimensions Davide Gaiotto, Alessandro Tomasiello arXiv:1309.2949[hep-th] All AdS_7 solutions of type II supergravity Fabio Apruzzi, Marco Fazzi, Dario Rosa, Alessandro Tomasiello
10/22 Nomura K202 GUT threshold corrections in SUSY SU(5) models revisited
cf.) Daisuke Nomura, paper in preparation
10/15 Kunitomo Y306 arXiv:1312.2948[hep-th] Resolving Witten's superstring field theory T. Erler, S. Konopka and I. Sachs
10/8 Ishiki Y306 arXiv:1406.0505[hep-th] Localization in Supergravity and Quantum AdS_4/CFT_3 Holography Atish Dabholkar, Nadav Drukker, Joao Gomes
10/1 Izawa Y306 De Sitter Fluctuations
(review of arXiv:1405.0298[hep-th] De Sitter Space Without Quantum Fluctuations Kimberly K. Boddy, Sean M. Carroll, Jason Pollack arXiv:1308.4686[hep-ph] Can the Higgs Boson Save Us From the Menace of the Boltzmann Brains? Kimberly K. Boddy, Sean M. Carroll
7/9 He Y306 arXiv:1404.5635[hep-th] Proof of a Quantum Bousso Bound R. Bousso, H. Casini, Z. Fisher, and J. Maldacena arXiv:1406.4545[hep-th] Entropy on a null surface for interacting quantum field theories and the Bousso bound R. Bousso, H. Casini, Z. Fisher, J. Maldacena
7/2 Hosomichi Y306 arXiv:1405.7271[hep-th] Sphere Partition Functions and the Zamolodchikov Metric E. Gerchkovitz, J. Gomis, Z.Komargodski
6/11 Caputa Y306 arXiv:1406.1741[condmat.str-el] Entanglement Contour Y. Chen and G. Vidal
6/4 Hama Y306 arXiv:1312.2361[hep-th] Connecting Mirror Symmetry in 3d and 2d via Localization Heng-Yu Chen, Hsiao-Yi Chen and Jun-Kai Ho
5/28 Hanada Y306 arXiv:1405.1732[hep-th] Deconfinement transition as black hole formation by the condensation of QCD strings M. Hanada, J. Maltz and L. Susskind
5/14 Aoki Y306 arXiv:1404.1391[hep-th] Notes on Entanglement in Abelian Gauge Theories Djordje Radicevic
4/25 Park Y306 arXiv:0209114[hep-th] All supersymmetric solutions of minimal supergravity in five dimensions Jerome P. Gauntlett, Jan B. Gutowski, Christopher M. Hull Harvey S. Reall
4/25 Watanabe Y306 arXiv:1403.3040[cond-mat,stat-mech] Thermalization and Revivals after a Quantum Quenches in Conformal Field Theory John Cardy
4/23 Choi Y306 arXiv:1212.3666[hep-th] Spontaneous generation of angular momentum in holographic theories Hong Liu, Hiroshi Ooguri, Bogdon Stoica, Nicolas Yunes

tentative list of speakers in order

  1. Choi (4/23)
  2. Watanabe (4/25)
  3. Park (4/25)
  4. Aoki (5/14)
  5. Hanada (5/28)
  6. Hama (6/4)
  7. Caputa (6/11)
  8. Hosomichi (7/2)
  9. He (7/9)
  10. Izawa (10/1)
  11. Ishiki (10/8)
  12. Kunitomo (10/15)
  13. Nomura (10/22)
  14. Moriyama (10/29)
  15. Takayama (11/5)
  16. Nosaka (11/19)
  17. Numasawa (11/26)
  18. Shiba (12/10)
  19. Irie (12/17)
  20. Shigemori (1/7)
  21. Takayanagi (1/14)
  22. Terashima (1/21)
  23. Jahn (2/25)
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