Satoshi AdachiMeasurement of the radiative decay widths of Carbon-12 excited states
Tetsu AnanOscillation of formation layer in Hel 1083 nm by umbral flash
Masaki AndoExperimental Test of Short-Range Gravity
moto arakiSteplike electric conduction in a classical two-dimensional electron system through a narrow constriction in a microchannel
Ayumi AsaiRecent Observations of MHD Shocks Associated with Solar Flares
Yu AtsumiPersistent uctuations in the synchronization rate in globally coupled oscillators with periodic external forcing
Kado DaikiWave Properties in Heterogeneous Excitable Medium
Gaku EguchiAnisotropic behavior of noncentrosymmetric 5d-electron superconductor CaIrSi3
Takayuki FukumaruCompton scattering measurements of fluid alkali metals
Yasuhiro FuwaDefect Inspection of Superconducting RF Cavity by Laser Plasma X-ray Radiography
RYUNOSUKE GANDODesign and Development of Trigger-driven Readout with X-ray SOI Pixel Sensor with X-ray SOI Pixel Sensor
Konrad GizynskiChemical wave propagation under exposure to Static Magnetic Field
Soichiro GodaDensity dependence of chiral condensate in nuclear matter based on in-medium chiral perturbation theory
Hideaki HaraQuantum Degenerate Mixtures of Alkali and Alkaline-Earth-Like Atoms
Kenichiro HashimotoNonuniversal superconducting gap structure in iron-pnictides revealed by magnetic penetration depth measurements
Shigefumi HataOptimal phase response curves for stochastic synchronization of limit-cycle oscillators
Yuhki HatakeyamaStructure of antiferromagnetic order induced by paramagnetic pair-breaking in d-wave superconductivity
Taisuke HattoriSpin-triplet superconductivity induced by ferromagnetic fluctuation in UCoGe
Andrew HillierSupport of prominence material by large scale coronal magnetic fields
KAZUO HIROILocal X-Ray Luminosity Function of Active Galactic Nuclei Determined from the First MAXI/GSC Catalog in the High Galactic-Latitude Sky
junji hitomiSuperfluid 3He in networked confined geometry
Kenta HotokezakaGravitational Waves as a Probe for Supernuclear-Density Matter
Kunxian HuangA CP asymmetry measurement in neutrino experiment with JPARC to HyperKamiokande
Masahiro IkedaOppositely driven binary particle mixtures with anisotropic frictions: Lane formation, instabilities, and turbulent dynamics
Sohei ImajoThe R&D of the UCN rebuncher for neutron EDM experiment at J-PARC
Kohei InayoshiSupermassive black hole formation by the cold accretion shocks in the first galaxies
Ryotaro InoueMeasurement-based quantum feedback control of atomic collective spin state
shunsuke inoueFemtosecond Electron Deflectometry for Fast Electron Dynamics Produced by Irradiating Intense Laser Pulse with Solid Target
Takumi IritaniColor confinement in the Coulomb gauge and gluonic momentum components
YU ITINOTransition properties of the deformable self-propelled particles
Ryosuke ItoThe effect of excess amount of 4He to liquid 3He in Aerogel
Satoru IwakiDevelopment of a Low-Power Read-Out System Using CMOS ASICs for a m-PIC.
fumihide iwamuroKyoto 3.8m telescope
Tetsuya IyeNMR evidence of direct coupling between magnetic and superconducting order parameters in iron pnictide BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
Tomohiro KajikawaSuperconducting phase transition of Sr2RuO4 measured by magnetocaloric effect
Kazuhiko KamikadoFRG approach to QCD phase diagram with isospin chemical potential
Norikazu KamiyaKubo formula for finite open quantum systems in contact with heat baths
Kiyoshi KanazawaStochastic Eneregetics for non-Gaussian Processes
Kazumi KAshiyamaX-ray counterparts of compact star binary mergers
Shinya KatoSpectroscopic study of the Mott-insulator transition with an atomic clock transition
Kumiko KawabataSuzaku Observation of the Unidentified Gamma-ray source HESS J1841-055
Naoki KawasakiDevelopment of the Neutron Collar Counter for the KL→ π0νν search experiment at J-PARC
TOMOKO KAWATECenter-to-Limb Variation of Microwave Emissions from Thermal-Rich and Thermal-Poor Solar Flares
Tatsuya KikawaMeasurement of neutrino neutrino cross section with T2K on-axis neutrino beam
Toru KikuchiFundamental string solution on non-geometric background
Yuu KikuchiAtomic test of the gravity law at nanometer scale using high resolution photoassociation of Yb atoms
Hideaki KimNeurons as Ideal Change-point Detectors
Koji KimuraInelasitc X-ray Scattering Measurements of Plasmons in Liquid Rb
Shunsaku Kitagawa31P-NMR study on two dimensional heavy fermion system Ce(Fe1-xRux)PO
Fumiharu KobayashiDineutron correlation in $^{10}$Be($0^+$) states
Sandhaya KoiralaCorelation between free-exciton life time and oxygen vacancy concentration in cuprous oxide natural crystals
Hideki KonishiUltracold Yb-Li Atomic Mixtures in an Optical Lattice: Towards Realization of a Quantum Simulator for Impurity Problems
Yusuke KoraiNon trivial correspondence between de Sitter vacua
Koutarou KyutokuExtracting equation of state parameters from black hole-neutron star mergers
Zhi LiHelical Spin Order in SrFeO3 and BaFeO3
Yoshitami MaedaExtraction of Black Hole Rotational Energy in General Relativistic MHD simulation
Yosuke Maedaproduction of charged particle veto detector for the KL->pi0nunubar search in J-PARC KOTO experiment
Sanhita MajumdarEffect of CNT on Semiconductor Gas Sensors
Subrata MajumderHg- Nanoparticle: a site specific scissor of DNA plasmid
Ryu MakiyaRecent progress of of the cosmological galaxy formation model: Introduction of new feedback process
Takahiko MasudaThe CsI calorimeter system for the KOTO experiment
Jin MATSUMOTOEffect of Interacting Rarefaction Waves on Relativistically Hot Jets
Anne MEUNIERDevelopment of mirodevices for electrochemical analysis of oxidative stress
shohei mitaniPreparation for the measurement of AC Josephson effect on bilayer quantum Hall states
Shungo MiyagiStudy of fracture strength in a random fuse model representing a composite of soft and hard materials
Yasuhiro MiyasakaNon-thermal ion emission from copper irradiated by low-fluence femtosecond laser pulses
Tetsuya MizumotoDevelopment of the low power and compact readout system for the scintillation camera loaded on balloon
Ryo MurakamiSuper-Elastic Collisions in Isothermal Elastic Spheres
Masatsugu MuraseHelical Nanofilament Arrangement Controlled by Nematic Order
SHIN'ICHI NAGATAThe study of the trigger of solare flares with Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope (SMART) in Hida Observatory
daichi naitoDevelopment of charged veto detector for KOTO experiment
Kiseki Nakamura
Naoki NakamuraEffect of gas pressure in three dimensional asymmetric magnetic reconnection
Shin NakamuraNonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Gauge-Theory Plasma
Yusuke NakamuraDevelopment of ultra-stable laser sources for ultra-narrow spectroscopy and possible creation of Spin-Orbital coupling for cold atoms
Takashi NakanoParity Phase Structure in Staggered-Wilson Fermion based on Strong-coupling Lattice QCD
Shinya NakashimaPerformance of a analog-to-digital converter for an X-ray astronomy detector fabricated by the SOI CMOS technology
Kouki NakataQuantum spin pumping mediated by magnon
Ryo NamikiBenchmark for genuine quantum memories and gates
atsushi narukoThe equivalence of δN and covariant formalisms
Fumiya Nemoto"Self-Aligning method" : the new aligning method for nematic liquid crystals related to two dimensional glass transition
Keigo NishimuraDevelopment of a stable External Cavity Laser Diode for cooling 87Rb
Ryohei NishinakagawaRaman spectroscopy on the zigzag graphene nanoribbon
Masayoshi NobukawaHigh Energy Phenomena in the Galactic Center Region in X-ray Observation
atsushi ogasaharaSUSY Breaking with D term and gauge mediation
TAKASHI OKADAThe Naturalness Problems in the Multiverse
hirotada okawaBlack Hole Collisions in Higher Dimensions
Hideki SaitoSmoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method and Accretion Flows and Radiative Property of Supermassive Binary Black Holes
Naoyuki SakumichiCriteria of Bose-Einstein condensation based on the Lee-Yang cluster expansion
tomohiko sanoThree Dimensional Simulation of Granular Jet Scattering
Daisuke SatowGeneralized kinetic theory describing ultrasoft fermionic mode
Makoto SawadaOrigin of Recombining Plasma and Missing Branch of SNR Evolution
Tatsuya SawanoSMILE-II: Development of an Electron-Tracking Compton Camera for Astronomical and Geophysical Balloon-Borne Observations
Shigeto SekiPerformance tests of Photomultiplier Tubes for KOTO experiment
Yu SekiDevelopment of Optical Trap System for QND Measurement of Collective Spin
Kosuke ShibataTowards Quantum Gas Microscope of Ytterbium atoms in an Optical Lattice
masaaki shimozawaStrong suppression of superconductivity and Kondo coherence by Yb substitution in CeCoIn5 epitaxial films
Keisuke ShinokitaDynamics of Optically Excited Carriers under Intense Terahertz Pulse in GaAs Multiple Quantum Wells
koji shiomiMeasurement of the KL yield at the KL beam line newly built at J-PARC
KYOHEI SHITARAAnalysis of a deformable self-propelled domain in an excitable reaction-diffusion system
Seiji SugawaProbing and Manipulating Strongly Correlated Phases in an Optical Lattice
TAKANORI SUGIMOTOSpin Excitation and Phonon Effect for Spin-Peierls Model
Kazuyuki SugimuraNon-Gaussianity generated on bubble wall
Masanao SumiyoshiFastSound Project: Cosmological Redshift-Space Distortion Survey with Subaru/FMOS
Kento SuzukiRecent refult of the T2K commissioning run
Ryotaku SuzukiThe perturbative analysis of the charged caged black holes with the matched asymptotic expansion method
Shintaro TaieStrongly correlated SU(N) Fermi gases of ytterbium in optical lattices
Fumi TakabatakeSpontaneous mode-selection of a self-running solid/liquid composite
Satoshi TakadaSimulation of cohesive granular particles under a plane shear
Kyohei TakaeStructural phase transition of anisotropic particles and formation of orientation-strain glass with addition of impurities
Sanemichi TakahashiFormation and Gravitational Evolution of Massive Protoplanetary Disks
Makoto TakamotoEnhancement of Dissipation by Turbulece in the Crab Pulsar Wind Nebula
Shinsuke TakasaoAcceleration Mechanism of Chromospheric Jet on the Sun
KAN TAKIZAWAProminent photospheric down flows on magnetic neutral line in βγδ type NOAA9957 (enlarged and revised edition)
Haruhumi TamazawaGlobal and Local MHD Simulation of the Radio Arc in the Galactic Center
Shuntaro TaniTerahertz-wave Induced Near-infrared Transparency in Graphene
Haruka TaniguchiVariety of electronic states of Ru oxides under different crystal symmetries
Fumie TazakiSuzaku Study of Active Nucleus Structure in Radio Galaxies 3C 206 and PKS 0707-35
ATSUSHI TOKIYASUSearch for Kaonic nuclei at SPring-8/LEPS
sho tonegawaIn-plane two-fold mass anisotropy in the hidden order phase of URu2Si2 revealed by cyclotron resonance measurements
Yousuke TonosakiPhase description of nonlinear dissipative waves under space-time-dependent external forcing
Shibun TsudaDependence of the difference of the electron densities on the nuclear spin relaxation time at bilayer v=1 quantum Hall state
Hiroyuki UchidaStudy of Recombining Plasma from Mixed-Morphology SNR W44 with Suzaku
Takayuki UchidaDirector field of nematic liquid crystal around a water droplet containing ions
Hiroshi UedaPhase diagram of asymmetric nuclear matter
Yuki UematsuEffects of selective additive on volume phase transition in gels
SATORU UENOGround-based observation of the solar activity by Continuous H-Alpha Imaging Network (CHAIN) and outline of the analysis of solar flares and shock waves
shunsuke watanabeToward ultra high resolution spectroscopy of fermions in optical lattice
Kiyoto YabeNIR spectroscopy of star-forming galaxies at z~1.4 with Subaru/FMOS
Shunsuke YabunakaPolydomain growth at isotropic-nematic transitions in liquid crystalline polymers
Kent YagiProbing Alternative Theories of Gravity with Binary Gravitational Waves
MASAKO YAMADAVery cold polarized neutron focusing SANS and microscope
akihisa yamamotoDynamics of thermal fluctuation of phospholipid nano-tubes through direct observation
Satoshi YamauchiSimple spiking neuron model for reproducing diverse firing patterns and predicting precise firing times
Rekishu YamazakiCold Molecule Detection and its Application
SATOSHI YASEThe Crossover in the Photo-ionization Processes of Ne clusters accompanied by the increase of EUV-FEL intensity
Yuki YokokuraA Model of Black Hole Evaporation
Tsuneya Yoshida
Tatsuhito YoshikawaYSO search in the Galactic Center with polarimetric observations
Jun YoshiokaSurface tension of a bubble formed by Perforated Lamellar-Nematic phase
Suraphong YumaIntrinsic Structure of Star-Forming BzK Galaxies at z~2
Yingli ZhangScreening of cosmological constant and Newtonian limit of Non-local Gravity