足立 智Measurement of the radiative decay widths of Carbon-12 excited states
阿南 徹Oscillation of formation layer in Hel 1083 nm by umbral flash
安東 正樹Experimental Test of Short-Range Gravity
荒木 元Steplike electric conduction in a classical two-dimensional electron system through a narrow constriction in a microchannel
浅井 歩Recent Observations of MHD Shocks Associated with Solar Flares
厚見 悠Persistent uctuations in the synchronization rate in globally coupled oscillators with periodic external forcing
加渡 大貴Wave Properties in Heterogeneous Excitable Medium
江口 学Anisotropic behavior of noncentrosymmetric 5d-electron superconductor CaIrSi3
福丸 貴行Compton scattering measurements of fluid alkali metals
不破 康裕Defect Inspection of Superconducting RF Cavity by Laser Plasma X-ray Radiography
丸藤 竜之介Design and Development of Trigger-driven Readout with X-ray SOI Pixel Sensor with X-ray SOI Pixel Sensor
Konrad GizynskiChemical wave propagation under exposure to Static Magnetic Field
郷田 創一郎Density dependence of chiral condensate in nuclear matter based on in-medium chiral perturbation theory
原 秀明Quantum Degenerate Mixtures of Alkali and Alkaline-Earth-Like Atoms
橋本 顕一郎Nonuniversal superconducting gap structure in iron-pnictides revealed by magnetic penetration depth measurements
秦 重史Optimal phase response curves for stochastic synchronization of limit-cycle oscillators
畠山 雄気Structure of antiferromagnetic order induced by paramagnetic pair-breaking in d-wave superconductivity
服部 泰佑Spin-triplet superconductivity induced by ferromagnetic fluctuation in UCoGe
Andrew HillierSupport of prominence material by large scale coronal magnetic fields
廣井 和雄Local X-Ray Luminosity Function of Active Galactic Nuclei Determined from the First MAXI/GSC Catalog in the High Galactic-Latitude Sky
人見 純司Superfluid 3He in networked confined geometry
仏坂 健太Gravitational Waves as a Probe for Supernuclear-Density Matter
黄 坤賢A CP asymmetry measurement in neutrino experiment with JPARC to HyperKamiokande
池田 昌浩Oppositely driven binary particle mixtures with anisotropic frictions: Lane formation, instabilities, and turbulent dynamics
今城 想平The R&D of the UCN rebuncher for neutron EDM experiment at J-PARC
稲吉 恒平Supermassive black hole formation by the cold accretion shocks in the first galaxies
井上 遼太郎Measurement-based quantum feedback control of atomic collective spin state
井上 峻介Femtosecond Electron Deflectometry for Fast Electron Dynamics Produced by Irradiating Intense Laser Pulse with Solid Target
入谷 匠Color confinement in the Coulomb gauge and gluonic momentum components
市野 悠Transition properties of the deformable self-propelled particles
伊藤 良介The effect of excess amount of 4He to liquid 3He in Aerogel
岩城 智Development of a Low-Power Read-Out System Using CMOS ASICs for a m-PIC.
岩室 史英Kyoto 3.8m telescope
家 哲也NMR evidence of direct coupling between magnetic and superconducting order parameters in iron pnictide BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
梶川 知宏Superconducting phase transition of Sr2RuO4 measured by magnetocaloric effect
上門 和彦FRG approach to QCD phase diagram with isospin chemical potential
紙谷 典和Kubo formula for finite open quantum systems in contact with heat baths
金澤 輝代士Stochastic Eneregetics for non-Gaussian Processes
樫山 和己X-ray counterparts of compact star binary mergers
加藤 真也Spectroscopic study of the Mott-insulator transition with an atomic clock transition
河畠 久実子Suzaku Observation of the Unidentified Gamma-ray source HESS J1841-055
河崎 直樹Development of the Neutron Collar Counter for the KL→ π0νν search experiment at J-PARC
川手 朋子Center-to-Limb Variation of Microwave Emissions from Thermal-Rich and Thermal-Poor Solar Flares
木河 達也Measurement of neutrino neutrino cross section with T2K on-axis neutrino beam
菊池 徹Fundamental string solution on non-geometric background
菊地 悠Atomic test of the gravity law at nanometer scale using high resolution photoassociation of Yb atoms
金 秀明Neurons as Ideal Change-point Detectors
木村 耕治Inelasitc X-ray Scattering Measurements of Plasmons in Liquid Rb
北川 俊作31P-NMR study on two dimensional heavy fermion system Ce(Fe1-xRux)PO
小林 史治Dineutron correlation in $^{10}$Be($0^+$) states
Sandhaya KoiralaCorelation between free-exciton life time and oxygen vacancy concentration in cuprous oxide natural crystals
小西 秀樹Ultracold Yb-Li Atomic Mixtures in an Optical Lattice: Towards Realization of a Quantum Simulator for Impurity Problems
高麗 雄介Non trivial correspondence between de Sitter vacua
久徳 浩太郎Extracting equation of state parameters from black hole-neutron star mergers
Li ZhiHelical Spin Order in SrFeO3 and BaFeO3
眞榮田 義臣Extraction of Black Hole Rotational Energy in General Relativistic MHD simulation
前田 陽祐production of charged particle veto detector for the KL->pi0nunubar search in J-PARC KOTO experiment
Sanhita MajumdarEffect of CNT on Semiconductor Gas Sensors
Subrata MajumderHg- Nanoparticle: a site specific scissor of DNA plasmid
真喜屋 龍Recent progress of of the cosmological galaxy formation model: Introduction of new feedback process
増田 孝彦The CsI calorimeter system for the KOTO experiment
松本 仁Effect of Interacting Rarefaction Waves on Relativistically Hot Jets
Anne MEUNIERDevelopment of mirodevices for electrochemical analysis of oxidative stress
三谷 昌平Preparation for the measurement of AC Josephson effect on bilayer quantum Hall states
宮城 俊吾Study of fracture strength in a random fuse model representing a composite of soft and hard materials
宮坂 泰弘Non-thermal ion emission from copper irradiated by low-fluence femtosecond laser pulses
水本 哲矢Development of the low power and compact readout system for the scintillation camera loaded on balloon
村上 亮Super-Elastic Collisions in Isothermal Elastic Spheres
村瀬 昌次Helical Nanofilament Arrangement Controlled by Nematic Order
永田 伸一The study of the trigger of solare flares with Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope (SMART) in Hida Observatory
内藤 大地Development of charged veto detector for KOTO experiment
中村 輝石
中村 尚樹Effect of gas pressure in three dimensional asymmetric magnetic reconnection
中村 真Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Gauge-Theory Plasma
中村 悠介Development of ultra-stable laser sources for ultra-narrow spectroscopy and possible creation of Spin-Orbital coupling for cold atoms
中野 嵩士Parity Phase Structure in Staggered-Wilson Fermion based on Strong-coupling Lattice QCD
中島 真也Performance of a analog-to-digital converter for an X-ray astronomy detector fabricated by the SOI CMOS technology
仲田 光樹Quantum spin pumping mediated by magnon
並木 亮Benchmark for genuine quantum memories and gates
成子 篤The equivalence of δN and covariant formalisms
根本 文也"Self-Aligning method" : the new aligning method for nematic liquid crystals related to two dimensional glass transition
西村 佳悟Development of a stable External Cavity Laser Diode for cooling 87Rb
西中川 良平Raman spectroscopy on the zigzag graphene nanoribbon
信川 正順High Energy Phenomena in the Galactic Center Region in X-ray Observation
小笠原 敦SUSY Breaking with D term and gauge mediation
岡田 崇The Naturalness Problems in the Multiverse
大川 博督Black Hole Collisions in Higher Dimensions
斉藤 秀樹Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method and Accretion Flows and Radiative Property of Supermassive Binary Black Holes
作道 直幸Criteria of Bose-Einstein condensation based on the Lee-Yang cluster expansion
佐野 友彦Three Dimensional Simulation of Granular Jet Scattering
佐藤 大輔Generalized kinetic theory describing ultrasoft fermionic mode
澤田 真理Origin of Recombining Plasma and Missing Branch of SNR Evolution
澤野 達哉SMILE-II: Development of an Electron-Tracking Compton Camera for Astronomical and Geophysical Balloon-Borne Observations
関 繁人Performance tests of Photomultiplier Tubes for KOTO experiment
関 友宇Development of Optical Trap System for QND Measurement of Collective Spin
柴田 康介Towards Quantum Gas Microscope of Ytterbium atoms in an Optical Lattice
下澤 雅明Strong suppression of superconductivity and Kondo coherence by Yb substitution in CeCoIn5 epitaxial films
篠北 啓介Dynamics of Optically Excited Carriers under Intense Terahertz Pulse in GaAs Multiple Quantum Wells
塩見 公志Measurement of the KL yield at the KL beam line newly built at J-PARC
設楽 恭平Analysis of a deformable self-propelled domain in an excitable reaction-diffusion system
素川 靖司Probing and Manipulating Strongly Correlated Phases in an Optical Lattice
杉本 貴則Spin Excitation and Phonon Effect for Spin-Peierls Model
杉村 和幸Non-Gaussianity generated on bubble wall
住吉 昌直FastSound Project: Cosmological Redshift-Space Distortion Survey with Subaru/FMOS
鈴木 研人Recent refult of the T2K commissioning run
鈴木 良拓The perturbative analysis of the charged caged black holes with the matched asymptotic expansion method
田家 慎太郎Strongly correlated SU(N) Fermi gases of ytterbium in optical lattices
高畠 芙弥Spontaneous mode-selection of a self-running solid/liquid composite
高田 智史Simulation of cohesive granular particles under a plane shear
高江 恭平Structural phase transition of anisotropic particles and formation of orientation-strain glass with addition of impurities
高橋 実道Formation and Gravitational Evolution of Massive Protoplanetary Disks
高本 亮Enhancement of Dissipation by Turbulece in the Crab Pulsar Wind Nebula
高棹 真介Acceleration Mechanism of Chromospheric Jet on the Sun
滝澤 寛Prominent photospheric down flows on magnetic neutral line in βγδ type NOAA9957 (enlarged and revised edition)
玉澤 春文Global and Local MHD Simulation of the Radio Arc in the Galactic Center
谷 峻太郎Terahertz-wave Induced Near-infrared Transparency in Graphene
谷口 晴香Variety of electronic states of Ru oxides under different crystal symmetries
田崎 文得Suzaku Study of Active Nucleus Structure in Radio Galaxies 3C 206 and PKS 0707-35
時安 敦史Search for Kaonic nuclei at SPring-8/LEPS
利根川 翔In-plane two-fold mass anisotropy in the hidden order phase of URu2Si2 revealed by cyclotron resonance measurements
外崎 陽介Phase description of nonlinear dissipative waves under space-time-dependent external forcing
津田 是文Dependence of the difference of the electron densities on the nuclear spin relaxation time at bilayer v=1 quantum Hall state
内田 裕之Study of Recombining Plasma from Mixed-Morphology SNR W44 with Suzaku
内田 隆之Director field of nematic liquid crystal around a water droplet containing ions
上田 宏史Phase diagram of asymmetric nuclear matter
植松 祐輝Effects of selective additive on volume phase transition in gels
上野 悟Ground-based observation of the solar activity by Continuous H-Alpha Imaging Network (CHAIN) and outline of the analysis of solar flares and shock waves
渡邉 俊介Toward ultra high resolution spectroscopy of fermions in optical lattice
矢部 清人NIR spectroscopy of star-forming galaxies at z~1.4 with Subaru/FMOS
藪中 俊介Polydomain growth at isotropic-nematic transitions in liquid crystalline polymers
八木 絢外Probing Alternative Theories of Gravity with Binary Gravitational Waves
山田 雅子Very cold polarized neutron focusing SANS and microscope
山本 暁久Dynamics of thermal fluctuation of phospholipid nano-tubes through direct observation
山内 智Simple spiking neuron model for reproducing diverse firing patterns and predicting precise firing times
山崎 歴舟Cold Molecule Detection and its Application
八瀬 哲志The Crossover in the Photo-ionization Processes of Ne clusters accompanied by the increase of EUV-FEL intensity
横倉 祐貴A Model of Black Hole Evaporation
吉田 恒也
義川 達人YSO search in the Galactic Center with polarimetric observations
吉岡 潤Surface tension of a bubble formed by Perforated Lamellar-Nematic phase
ユマ スラポンIntrinsic Structure of Star-Forming BzK Galaxies at z~2
Yingli ZhangScreening of cosmological constant and Newtonian limit of Non-local Gravity