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Schedule of Week 5 (Oct. 18 - Oct. 24)

Oct. 19

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: W. Nazarewicz]
H. Sagawa (RIKEN) Isoscalar pairing and tensor correlations on spin-isospin response Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
G. Colo (Milan) Approaches for configuration mixing based on mean-field extension Slide
15:30--Discussion meeting (Y206)

Oct. 20

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: P.-H. Heenen (Brussels)]
J. Dobaczewski (Jyvaskyla/York) Nuclear structure with novel non-local density functionals Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
S. Umar (Vanderbilt) Time-dependent HF approach to SHE dynamics Slide
15:30--Discussion meeting (Y206)
Party is held in front of Panasonic Auditorium

Oct. 21

One-day workshop (Panasonic Hall)

Workshop 5

Oct. 22

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: P. Ring]
N. Paar (Zagreb) Constraining the Relativistic Nuclear Energy Density Functional Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
A. Afanasjev (Mississippi) Global performance of the state-of-the-art covariant energy density functionals and related theoretical uncertainties Slide

Oct. 23

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: J. Dobaczewski]
P.-H. Heenen (Brussels) Beyond mean-field description of nuclear properties Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
P. Ring (Munich) Recent developments in covariant density functional theory beyond mean field Slide
13:30--Discussion meeting (Y206)
15:30-16:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
J. Meng (PKU) Selected topics in covariant density functional theory