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One-day workshop 4

Place: Panasonic Auditorium

Oct. 12

10:00-11:00Gaute Hagen (ORNL)
Recent highlights from coupled-cluster computations of nuclei
11:30-12:30Joseph Carlson (LANL)
Neutrino Scattering from NUCLEISlide
14:00-14:30Takashi Abe (U of Tokyo)
Infinite basis-space extrapolation of ground-state energies of light nuclei in the no-core Monte Carlo shell modelSlide
14:30-15:00T. Miyagi (U of Tokyo)
Calculations for medium-mass nuclei with chiral EFT interactions in the unitary-model-operator approachSlide
15:00-15:30Nodoka Yamanaka (RIKEN)
Electric dipole moment of light nuclei in the Gaussian expansion methodSlide
16:00-17:00Wataru Horiuchi (Hokkaido U)
Harmonic-oscillator excitations of precise few-body wave functions

Oct. 14

10:00-11:00Francesco Pederiva (U of Trento)
A Quantum Monte Carlo formulation for non local interactionsSlide
11:30-12:30Carlo Barbieri (U of Surrey)
Medium Mass Nuclei and Matter from Lattice QCD InteractionsSlide
14:00-15:00Saori Pastore (LANL)
Electromagnetic structure of light nucleiSlide
15:00-15:30Rie Sekine (Hokkaido U)
Time-dependent approach to nuclear response of few-nucleon systems
16:00-17:00Kalman Varga (Vanderbilt U)
Nuclear theory approaches in material simulations
17:00-17:30Tsubasa Hoshino (Hokkaido U)
Three-body calculation for Kaonic deuteriumSlide